Apps that can make long distance relationships work

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long-distance-relationship-adviceLong distance relationships are dating adventures that many Nigerians try as much as possible to avoid. However, with technology shrinking the gap between couples, more people are taking the risk and venturing into long distance relationships., shares apps that can enhance the bond between couples caught in this love nest.


Avocado allows you share and send  online hugs to one another by holding the phone to your chest. Importantly, it allows you know if your significant other’s battery is flat and by this you do not  need to be concerned about unanswered texts anymore.


TheIceBreak app helps lovers test the knowledge they have about their partners thereby, keeping them in their heart as often as possible despite being apart. This test comes in the form of a quiz or questions.


Couple helps lovers observe what their partner is doing at a specific  location. This app is applicable  for persons who are prone to stalk their partners especially when there are trust issues in the relationship.


We-Connect bridge the long-distance gap. The We-Vibe adult toy gives partners the chance to ‘play’ with their other half.


Wickr is a reliable platform for sending secure messages. The implication of this is that not just anyone will be able to access your messages, videos and other sent files. Even when you delete messages, it is permanently deleted on Wickr without being saved in other files or apps. This is an effective way to interact with your partners through messages in a very secured platform.

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