Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep your Truck in Perfect Condition

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Whether you own a truck for the past few years or you have recently invested in one, know that routine maintenance is very critical. Your car and truck service manuals come with the directions for keeping your vehicle top-notch and in peak condition. Attending repairs whenever required and getting it serviced every month or every two months are some of the basics that we are all well aware of.

A truck or any vehicle is a huge investment. Thus, taking some time out to put in the right effort to look after it, is important and must not be overlooked. Regular maintenance will aid you in catching up on all types of possible issues earlier than usual. It gives you time to get the tiniest troubles sorted out on time before things get out of hand or turn into bigger issues that demand more time and money to be resolved.

Basic Maintenance Tips for Trucks

Here, we have summed up some basic tips that will help you look after your truck effectively. We understand that trucks are heavier vehicles and a bit tougher to maintain, but with the right guidance, it is possible.

Whether you own a truck for personal use or you run a business with its help, remember that by the end of the day, it is a vehicle and it can break down, despite maintenance too. But if you overlook the regular care, it will be more problematic than usual.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the details of maintenance tips.

1.   Change the  Oil Filter and Engine Oil:

Your engine oil is a major component of your truck. Changing it regularly will protect the engine and ensure a good longevity to your truck. Engine oil requires routine changing as it gets contaminated due to dirt, dust and debris. As your engine is sucking in all the dust from the environment, without a routine oil change, your engine will start causing issues.

This is where your truck’s manual will come into help. Read through the manual in detail to check the duration of oil change and make sure that you change it regularly, within the stated duration. For models after 2008, it is usually recommended that you change the oil after every 7500 miles. This usually means that you might have to change it after every 6 months. However, it is suggested that you check the miles instead of relying on the months as it all depends on your usage.

Once you understand the importance of changing the engine oil, remember that your engine needs proper air as well. Thus, the oil filter needs change too. A dirty filter can also result in an inefficient and slow engine.

2.   Rotate the Tires:

You want to make sure that the teardown is equal on all sides of the tires. This is why rotating them is a crucial maintenance tip that is often overlooked by new truck owners. Rotating them regularly will help you ensure a long lifespan for them as well. Furthermore, it helps in improving the gas mileage of the truck too. With this little effort, you can play a huge role in maintaining the truck’s tire.

3.   Exterior Cleaning:

We all love a ride that is shining and clean, don’t we? But exterior cleaning goes  a bit beyond that; it will protect the paint of your truck and reduce the chances of it chipping off any sooner. It is recommended that your truck’s exterior must be cleaned regularly during the winter season, especially if it snows in your area. This is because the built up snow and sand can easily damage the paint of your vehicle.

4.   Regular Inspection:

A detailed inspection is a professional examination, done by a mechanic and it goes a long way in protecting your vehicle for excessive damage. An expert will analyze your truck from the inside out and ensure that it is functioning perfectly well. It also helps you in catching up on any technical and mechanical troubles on time and get them fixed. It might get hard for you to take some time out for regular inspection but doing it once every third or 4 months is a great idea.

5.   Check the Fluid Levels:

Similar to your engine oil, checking other fluid levels is also important. Keep an eye out on the power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield water fluid as well. They all work simultaneously to bring a perfectly functioning truck to you. If any of these fluids are not changed on time, it can affect your engine negatively. Furthermore, it reduces the performance and efficacy of your truck overall as well. Thus, checking your engine’s fluids regularly can save you from a lot of unwanted trouble.


It might seem like a hassle sometimes, to maintain your truck. But if you keep checking up on it regularly, you won’t have to invest in a large repair. Remember, you get what you put in; thus, put in the right effort to maintain your truck and it will perform exceptionally well too.

It is a huge investment and you would certainly want it to last for the years to come. With just a little effort and time, you can make sure that it keeps running beautifully in the future.


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