The Best SIM Only Deals June 2017

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Sometimes it’s better to go for a SIM card only as opposed to both SIM and phone. Not only is it cheaper, it also allows you to use a variety of handsets without limitations. Most service providers who offer SIM only deals also offer allowances of text messages, data bundles and talk time minutes. For those who already have phones, going for a SIM only deal is the best option. It will be easier to change to your network if you choose to and retain your number not to mention the cost. Below are some of the best SIM only deals worth looking into.

Three SIM Essential Plan

This deal comes with 4GB of data, unlimited minutes as well as texts at the price of £9 per month. Though you cannot use this data as hotspot, you can use hotspot add-on to make this possible. The add-ons come in data of 1GB, 3GB or 6GB. This 12-month deal doesn’t allow the usage of the minutes allowance abroad but you can use it to make calls to call centers should you need to. You can set up reminders for when your data or texts for when you reach the limit of your allowance to prevent incurring extra costs. Another deal included in this plan is the extra data allowance at an extra fee. For additional amount of £11, your data allowances can be extended to 8GB. You still won’t use this data as a hotspot; neither will you use the SIM to make calls abroad.

Three- SIM Advanced Plan 

With 8GB of data, 600minutes and unlimited texts, this 12-month deal charges £12 per month. You can use the data to set up personal hotspot and use the minutes and texts when you travel abroad. This is only limited to 60 countries. In case your minutes run out, you can still make calls to landlines and other mobile networks at the extra cost of 35p per minute. Calling customer care center is free with this SIM and you can opt to set up your own reminders to alert you when your allowances are almost finished. For an extra cost of £7, you can get another SIM that has all these features with the difference in data allowance. Instead of 8GB, you get 30GB.


2GB data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes at £5.99 per month, this one-month contract deal is one of the best. You can use your data as hotspot or even share it with other devices. This SIM doesn’t have a plan since it’s only a short period contract deal.

To conclude, these three in one SIM cards come with great plans to help you manage your funds. The standard, micro and Nano-SIM give you a variety of options to suit your every need. It’s always better to choose a plan that gives you maximum benefits. Though the essential plan is good, it has some limitations that could lead to further costs on your end. On the other hand, the advanced plan has some great offers that allow you to get maximum return for your money. Depending on what you need the SIM for and how long you want your contract to be, choosing the right one for your phone shouldn’t be difficult.


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