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seachGoogle can do more than just searching for documents and images online. Users can actually do much more with Google that is if they have access to the internet. Fortunately, google is making efforts to provide internet access across the world. It is a common saying that if you have a question, you will be told to ask Google or Google it! Now, the technology company is now used as a verb! Aside from the search engine services that Google is widely known for, there are other interesting technology/internet services ranging from gaming to calculating tips and a handful of other services you are probably unaware of.; Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal writes about five things that Google can do for you.

Google Wallet

If your business transaction is online, google wallet can help you in shopping, sending and receiving money as well as saving your money online. It can be regarded as an online bank. For the wallet to serve you effectively, you must use your ATM to upload money in your wallet. It is very safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about malwares and hackers.



The google document/excel is an exact replica of the Microsoft package (word, excel and power point). What is exciting about the G-package is that it is online while the Microsoft package is offline! In addition, the G-package can be edited online as far as the document is shared with that person. In fact, you can also edit a doc, slide or sheet online with your editor who is not in the office. On that same doc, you can chat and edit the doc at the same that time. Hence, many companies are adopting G-Package because many can access it online.

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This application is able to translate up to 99 different languages. From, Nigeria’s three major languages, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo to international languages such as English, French, and Arabic; Google translation with translate them all within seconds. Other languages that can be translated include Afrikaans, Mandarin, and German amongst others. So, you don’t need to worry if a web portal’s language is written in one you can’t read, google will translate it for you.


 Build with Chrome

If you love building games, then Build With Chrome is your best option. This brick game is a partnership between google and Lego. Lego manufactures plastic construction toys especially for children. Players of this game have to interlock different bricks to create an imagined building. You can even attend a building academy to become an expert in this game. Just know that you are playing it online.


Google Map

Where are you going? Are you familiar with the location? Google Map can help you answer these questions. The G-map can help determine the exact location or the closest landmark to that particular location you are going. So you don’t need to ask anyone where this place or that place. Just type in the location is the search engine and the result gives you the distance, the direction and the approximate time you will get there!



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