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Having an online store helps make your business lucrative, especially as online shopping has taken over other forms of shopping. An integral part of any business is a point of sale system or a POS system. Point of sale is the point where the transaction between the merchant and the customer is completed.

As such, a point of sale system is essential for an online business. If you don’t already have a point of sale system in place, for your online business, you should consider getting one for yourself. You can easily get a POS system integrated into your online business. Let’s go through a quick step-by-step process for integrating a POS system with your online business.

Integrating A POS System With Your Online Business

Start with finding out the provider of your POS system and the e-commerce website or shopping platform that it is integrated with. At this point, you may discover that your POS system may not have the latest features and may be outdated. You can discard the older system and go for a more advanced point of sale system.

If you are someone who is making a shift from an offline, brick and mortar store to an online store or simply shifting from a traditional, cash-register based point of sale system, then you can easily find many different POS system options.

Integrating a POS system with your online store comes with a lot of benefits. Here is how you stand to gain from integrating a POS system with your online store.

Benefits Of Integrating A POS System With Your Online Business

  1. POS systems allow you to stay on top of your stocks and inventories. A promising point of sale system will let you exercise control over how much of your stock is in the store, on the shelves and how much more you need, to be able to fulfill your requirements. It also helps you keep an eye on what is in transit. This helps you simplify and streamline the process of stocking up on items and also helps you in reducing your administrative costs.
  2. A point of sale system can help you enhance your marketing campaigns. A good POS system is able to capture all the important information about customers. This could include information such as who’re the people that are buying from your business as well as what is motivating them to make the given purchase. Based on the information you gather from this point of sale system, you can create effective marketing campaigns for your business.
  3. Having complete access to information about your customers does not only help you build strong marketing campaigns for your business but also lets you improve your customer service. When you are aware of your customers’ buying habits, including which products they usually purchase, you are able to offer better service to your customers. This will help you and your team to come up with better recommendations for your customers, creating an enriching shopping experience for them. Using such channels, you can also enhance sales opportunities for your brand.
  4. Some of the best points of sale systems come with an analytics and reporting feature, as well. Not only can you capture the latest sales, traffic, and orders on your online store, you can also pull out reports with insights on the top-selling items and other such important information. In this way, POS systems help you create an efficient business model.
  5. You can also monitor your staff’s activity. This means that you can keep an eye on the best performers amongst your staff, for instance, who sold how many items per day.
  6. One of the most important benefits of integrating a POS system with your online business is that it creates a smoother online transaction process for your customers. You will be using the same point of sale system for your online sales as well as offline procedures. So, if you are expanding beyond your offline brick and mortar store to an online store, you can integrate an effective POS system that will let you work for online as well as offline sales processes.


Integrating a reliable point of sale system can be helpful for your online business in many ways. Shopify offers a point of sale system that comes with an e-commerce platform that offers a profitable pricing plan. You can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards from your customers and also offer the features of bill-splitting, partial payments, store credit, and cash as a part of the tool.


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