Broken Smartphone? Here are four ways to access it on a PC

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iPhone-5s-white-smashed-screenSmartphones are attractive to many gadget geeks because of its multiplicity of functions. It is like a workstation for others. They receive their emails, type briefs and also reach out to contacts using Skype or WhatsApp. Your documents coupled with pictures, videos and music are all heaped in your phone without any backup.

However, if your screen inadvertently gets broken, what will you do recover your precious files? Many people will give up on their phone or take it to a repairer for replacement. He may manhandle the device and cause you to lose some important files will be deleted., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portals identify 4 applications that can help you access your smart phone from a personal computer even if it is broken.


Webkey gives you access to your broken phone when it is connected via a USB cable. You will be given a temporary username and password which you can use if you want but, it is advisable to create your own password and username. You do not need to worry because, with the webkey app, you have unlimited access to your phone on your laptop.


MyPhoneExplorer is a reliable application that manages the content of your phone on a PC. It synchronizes your contacts, calendar and notes with Microsoft outlook as well as backup SMS and allows access to your call logs, documents, pictures, videos and songs. All these can be done on your PC.


HiSuite is an excellent application for accessing a broken smartphone. It can help users update their phone operating system, save a new contact, send, read and delete messages. Importantly, you can transfer your phone content to another one if eventually you replace the broken screen.


AirDroid is one of the best applications that helps you manage your phone. It is very easy to retrieve your files with the use of the app enabling you perform all the functions you do on your phone via airdroid.

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