Why You Should Buy The Sony Xperia Z5 Dual

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The sony xperia z5 dual is an amazing smart phone for an amazing user, with water resistance feature, fast snapping and no lagging, It has a great hands-on-feel, Good battery life with Strong all-round performance lastly with dual sim compatible. 

Below are amazing reasons that would interest you to likely acquire the sony xperia Z5 dual bundled with freebies.

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The Sony Xperia Z5 does not look outdated. The phone now has a matte finish that makes it tender. But the best bit about this phone is the location of the fingerprint scanner on the right side, right where your thumb rests while holding the phone. And this is how most of us grip their phones, you end up waking up and unlocking the phone in one action. This is very useful.


One of the best feature about the sony xperia z5 dual is the camera. Sony claims it has the fastest auto-focus in the world and it won’t take you more than a couple of snaps to agree. I tried to click some photos from a moving car and all the results came out stunningly sharp. This means you can capture a lot of stuff you might miss out on otherwise, or would have come out blurry. Talking about colours, this phone offer one of the liveliest colour reproductions I have seen, almost like on the Sony TVs. And frankly, that could be because Sony is using the same Triluminous technology on both the screens. Plus, the zoom is among the fastest in any smart phone.


making use of the sony xperia z5 dual, I did not notice any lag and the performance was overall smooth. the power of 3GB Ram and a well optimized operating system makes the device smooth running.

The battery lasts about 12 hours with regular use. You will need to be extra cautious when you are shooting 4K as this drains the battery much faster than anything else.

The phone is really slippery and you will need to invest in a good cover to save the device from falling to a sudden death. The sides should have had some grooves to prevent the slip.

Sony has been able to deliver a decent flagship that offers good value for money in terms of a great camera, dependable performance, good and water resistance. Given that this is a high-end flagship that has no intention of playing ballz with the mid-range Chinese smartphones, the phones is priced well.

Do you know you can acquire the sony xperia z5 dual bundled with free sony smartwatch 2, free sony headset, free digifon cube bluetooth speaker and lastly NewAge 4000mAh power bank all for N182,000 isn’t this awesome? You can’t see this offer anywhere, even on konga or jumia or yudala.

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Sony Xperia Z5 Dual + Free Smartwatch 2 + Free Headset + Free Bluetooth Speaker

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