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What’s the Buzz around Lucifer Season 5? Lucifer season 5 has been the toast of the town ever since it premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016. From the start, this series has continued to spread its entertainment among its audience with its holy story with a modern twist.

Watch Lucifer Season 5 - Release Date, Rumors, Download

Watch Lucifer Season 5 – Release Date, Rumors, Download

Lucifer is an American series created by Tom Kapinos. It is based on DC Comics characters developed by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, and Mike Dringenberg extracted from their comic series” The Sandman,” who later starred as protagonist of its spin-off comic book series published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint.

This series is about Lucifer Morningstar, the devil, who leaves Hell to come to earth (Los Angeles), where he starts his nightclub and, at the same time, works as a consultant to LAPD.

According to its buzz, it is needless to say that fans all around the globe are thrilled when Lucifer was renewed by Netflix because of the huge campaign which was done by its fans on social media. So, we can say that with its fourth season, which gave us sobbing end, but this end is not the end of our dearly beloved Lucifer.

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Lucifer Season 5 Release Date: 21 August 2020

When will season 5 air? 

Lucifer season 5, the return of devil. Now, as we know that at the end of the fourth season that Lucifer was back in Hell, we may expect that he will return to earth for its next season. Moreover, we also know that he has some business left with detective Decker. When the news broke about its renewal, it was initially stated that it would have only ten episodes. Still, later it was clarified by the streaming partners that Lucifer will have 16 episodes.

The show was believed to be released by spring or summer of 2020, and here is it. Today on 21st August 2020, Netflix officially released “Lucifer Season 5” with all its 8 new episodes.

  • Episode #1: Really Sad Devil Guy
  • Episode #2: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
  • Episode #3: Diablo
  • Episode #4: It never ends well for the Children
  • Episode #5: Detective Amedndiel
  • Episode #6: BlueBallz
  • Episode #7: Our Mojo
  • Episode #8: Spoiler Alert

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Lucifer Season 5 Cast

When talking about who all will be returning for this final season, it is but obvious that the show is incomplete without its handsome and devilish Lucifer Morningstar, which is played by none other than Tom Ellis.

With him, the series will also star Kevin Alejandro as Detective Dan Espinoza, Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, DB Woodside as Amenadiel, Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza and Lesley Ann Brandt as Mazikeen.


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Watch Lucifer Season 5 Online

Watch Lucifer Season 5 - Release Date, Rumors, DownloadWatch Lucifer Season 5 - Release Date, Rumors, Download
Watch Lucifer Season 5 – Release Date, Rumors, Download

So, there are a lot of questions that are being raised by fans as many sub-plots are yet to be explored. Many theories came out some said that Lucifer needed to go back to Hell is because of the increase of devil attacks in his absence as whenever we hear about Lucifer season 5, lord of Hell comes in our mind so it will be fun to watch his return to the earth.

Another theory questions will he return to live among mortals because now he has a reason to come back, which is Chloe. Fans have also started to think the ways of his return, so some suggest that since the force which is forcing him to stay in Hell is his angelic brother Amenadiel as he himself has settled in the earth to raise his child, Lucifer may as well return to earth.

Lucifer was never happy with his devilish responsibilities and never wanted to become lord of Hell. Now that he has a romantic relationship on earth, he may sacrifice Hell to come back to his lady love.

Initially, there were rumors that it will be canceled. But suddenly, there was an announcement of its renewal. The news has not only made its fans but also cast very excited as Tom Ellis himself posted how hard he is working for season 5. So, one thing is sure that season 5 will not leave any tables turned to deliver power pack performance to its loyal audience and will give the ending they deserve to see.

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Lucifer Season 5 Trailer

Lucifer Season 6 Rumors

As of the leading rumors by some sources, it is believed that showrunners Henderson and Modrovich are thinking of extending this devilish series for one more season, but still, they need to make an agreement with Netflix. But at present, Netflix has not given any sorts of confirmation to these rumors of season 6, but there is no as such need to worry because Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros TV to renew it for one more season because of its massive fan following. So what we have to do till now is to sit tight and wait for the official statements from the Netflix as well showrunners about the 6th season.


The audience is already crazy over Lucifer season 5 English download and can’t wait to see him return from Hell with a bang. This superhit series is a staple for those who love thrillers with a hint of fun. It’s summer already, and we fans are looking forward to its season 5 to air.


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