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Even though Google Chrome is the leading web browser, the web browser section is still open and has enough space to fit a new one. Microsoft is trying hard to push its new Edge browser with AI features.

Firefox is a less popular web browser, but it keeps getting new features regularly. Mozilla’s ultimate focus is improving its Firefox web browser by bringing new improvements & features.

We are discussing Firefox because, recently, Mozilla rolled out a new feature update for its Firefox browser. Firefox Version 117 is now available in the Release Channel, and it brings many improvements & features.

Firefox 117 System Requirements

Before you download Firefox 117, make sure your PC meets these requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or later / macOS 10.15 or later
  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor / Intel x86 or Apple silicon processor
  • RAM: 11GB of RAM / 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version, 512 MB for MAC
  • HDD: 500MB for Windows / 200 MB for Mac

Mozilla Firefox 117.0 Download – Latest Version

Firefox 117 is already offered to release channel users on August 29, 2023. If you are a regular Firefox user, chances are that your browser has already downloaded & installed the latest release version.

You can confirm whether you’re running Firefox 117 by going through Menu > Help > About Firefox. Or else, you can force update your browser to download Firefox 117 by heading to Menu > Help > About Firefox.

Another option to get Firefox 117 on a computer is downloading the installer from the official website. You can simply head to the official website and download Firefox 117 for PC.

Once downloaded, you can just run the Firefox 117 installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation part.

So, what’s new in Firefox?

The Firefox 117 is offered to release channel users on August 29, 2023. If confused, the release channel provides stable Firefox versions, including all security updates.

It’s the normal update for Firefox users and is often downloaded & installed in the background silently. So, let’s explore what are the new features of Firefox 117.

New Features

The support for credit card autofill has been extended to the users. Users running Firefox in the IT, ES, AT, BE, and PL locales can now use the autofill feature.

If you’re a MacOS user, you can now control the capability of controls and links via about:preferences.

Firefox 117 has a dom.event.contextmenu.shift_suppresses_event preference to prevent the context menu from appearing.

Problems Fixed on Firefox 117

  • The new release channel update for Firefox fixes the YouTube video lists that scrolled incorrectly when navigating with a screen reader.
  • Other security fixes.

What are the things that changed in Firefox 117?

Firefox 117 didn’t introduce many changes. The only change evident is that the browser now uses the system default sharing indicator instead of its own on Wayland desktop environments.

The web browser introduced some other changes that will benefit developers, like the web compatibility inspection has been enhanced, support for improved CSS nesting, etc. These are the changes made for developers and will hardly benefit regular users.

So, these are some of the key highlights of Firefox 117. The web browser also brings a few changes to the Web Platform. For that, you can check out this webpage.

Is Firefox better than Google Chrome?

While both web browsers are good for regular web browsing, they are very different. Firefox runs on a Quantum browser engine built specifically for Firefox. On the other hand, Google Chrome is based on Chromium.

You can’t install the Chrome extensions on the Firefox browser. When it comes to stability & performance, Firefox is better than Chrome. It uses less RAM and is light on system resources.

This article is about downloading Firefox 117 on Windows/Mac. Firefox 117 is also available for MacOS and Linux. So, what’s your take on the new Firefox 117 web browser? Let us know in the comments below.


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