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Duplicate photos contribute the largest part amongst the total duplicate files on your device. These identical copies generate when you click multiple same shots, share photos, download photos or take data backup. These files accumulate in large number over time and occupy a lot of storage space. Apart of it, this unnecessary accumulation of data affects your device speed & performance negatively.

You can perform manual cleaning of your device to find and remove all such files but it proves time and efforts consuming. To deal with this issue, you can use duplicate photo remover tools for instant and effective results.

One such tool is Duplicate Photos Fixer that works on latest techniques and smart algorithms to find and remove duplicate photo files even from the remotest corners of your device. This tailor-made app allows you to set the matching level to find and remove similar and exact looking files. It offers various other useful features also, let’s discuss some of them here.

Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer


Multiple Scan Options: App offers multiple scan options to select from. You can select camera images, full scan mode or specific folder to find and remove identical photos. This feature is useful to refine your search for better results. It even allows you to set the matching level to find identical files under “Scan Settings” option. Here, you will find a low level to find similar files and high level to find exact looking files on your device.


Scan Process: Scan process offers quick and accurate results. It works on advanced algorithms to find and remove all identical photo files even from the remotest corners of your device. It is useful to reduce manual efforts and save time.


Scan results: Scan results are displayed in intuitive and user-friendly manner. App display results in groups in auto-mark format. Here, all last photo files remain marked to be deleted. You can select “Unmark All” option to select files manually to delete them. Once you have marked the files next is to press delete button to instantly recover some precious storage space.

Clear Cache: App allows you to clear all existing cache files related to it. Once cleared, it will initiate a whole new scanning process next time. You can find this option in results under the menu.

Preview: App allows you to see preview of the files in results before you delete them. It is useful specially to help you manage your photo files. On Preview page, it displays information like file size, image resolution, and path of the file. It displays all identical files from the specific group. Again, this feature is useful to manage your photo collection in much better way.


Multiple language options: App supports multiple language options. You can select language of your choice from all major language options. This feature is useful to help users perform different tasks on the app in choice of their language. Once you select the language of your choice, the app will transliterate all features in selected language option.

Verdict: Duplicate Photos Fixer is a simple yet powerful app to help you find and remove all unnecessary identical photo files from your device. It works on smart techniques and advanced algorithms to de-duplicate your device effectively. It finds and removes identical photo files even from the remotest corners of your device to provide accurate results. It not only helps you recover valuable storage space but it also helps you improve your device speed & performance. You can use this tool to organize and de-clutter your photo gallery effectively. In fact, it helps you reduce file searching time on your device.

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