Focusing on One Team” as a Betting Strategy Recommended For Beginners

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Focusing on one Team

Just as its name implies, “focusing on one team” betting strategy is mostly practiced by beginners in sports betting. This is one of the popular sports betting strategies that allow bettors to study one particular team and focus all betting on them.

Focus on one team” betting strategy allows a particular bettor to study a particular team, learn the team’s strengths and weaknesses, be conversant with their records, make evaluations on the facts and wager in their favor.

A better who focuses on one team should have the ability to understudy the team’s progression and retrogression overtime. He should also be conversant with the changes made in the team, like players transfer, changes in team management, the predispositions of each and every player, players’ team spirit, and how those variables can affect the success of subsequent games.

Basic guidelines required when focusing on one Team

    • Analyze the opponent’s Team

If you are focusing on a particular team, don’t make the mistake of relying on the data gotten from the team alone. Try to analyze the opposing team as well, this allows you to know if they have a more favorable predisposition over your team or otherwise.

    • Study the past gaming trends

Have your team ever had a game with the proposed opponent team before? If the answer is yes, then, it is important you investigate whether the matches ended favorably or otherwise as it will be used in evaluating the winning possibilities in the team’s forthcoming game(s).

    • Stick strictly to simple prediction

While some wager on the first free-kick, first penalty, the first player to score a goal, the first goal of the game, and so on, as a beginner who is practicing “focus on one team” you are advised to put a stake on whether the team will win, draw or lose. This procedure is simple and uncomplicated. If you are not an expert in sports betting, you are advised not to act as one, remember your money is at stake.

    • Bet using low stakes

As a beginner who focuses on a particular team, we advise you to wager with the amount you feel comfortable losing. In case you feel the earnings are too low, you may decide to go against the public.

Advantages of focusing on one Team

    • Knowing much about a team gives you the opportunity to further your research on other teams, most especially, opponent teams.
    • Focusing on one team gives you much advantage on the team over other betters. You tend to gain much insight into the gaming tendencies of the team than other bettors.

Disadvantages of focusing on one team

    • Focusing on one team causes redundancy, betters tend to get tired of it over time.
    • Less fun, meager winnings are involved when focusing on one team.

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Conclusively, focusing on one team is recommended to a better at beginner or intermediate level. It allows better to win long-term profits. The betting strategy also helps betters gain in-depth knowledge about a team and gives them the opportunity to spend more time researching on opponent teams.


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