GTA 6 Would Be Most Expensive Game With ‘$1 Billion Budget’

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This month GTA 6’s multiple leaks have come out publicly, which revealed many details about the upcoming game, and now one leak surfaced that claims that GTA 6 is expected to be the most expensive game of all time.

The developer company hasn’t revealed anything about the game yet even though they haven’t confirmed its name, but some leakers revealed the game’s budget on Twitter, so let’s discuss all details below.

GTA 6’s Budget: All Details

We all know how popular GTA 6 game is among the gaming community as we all have been waiting for it for the last ten years, and the company is well aware of this excitement.

That’s why they are taking time to even release the game’s teaser because they are working to make it better than prior video games in major terms such as graphics, mechanisms, and configuration.

According to a tweet from popular Dexerto Gaming, GTA 6’s budget would go around 1-2 billion, which includes its making, marketing, and other costs.

As this information hasn’t been confirmed by any officials so we could take it with a grain of salt, but after noting improvement in all other leaks, it seems obvious that GTA’s budget would cross the $800 million.

And if its budget crosses the 1 billion’s barrier, GTA 6 will become the first game to develop under this expensive budget.

Still, the game could still become the most expensive game because, according to Wikipedia, Cyberpunk 2077 is currently the most expensive video game with a total development cost of $331 million.

And GTA 5’s budget was around $300 million, which GTA 6 is absolutely going to cross as it will be more prominent and finer than it.

However, an earlier leak also specified that GTA 6 would be developed on a new, improved engine called RAGE9 which is also a significant expense for the developer company.

Separately, this year’s Call of Duty game is also expected to be the most expensive game because its budget could also go above $700 million, but GTA 6 would replace it as it is expected to get released in 2024.


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