How the Principles of Influence Can Skyrocket Your Online Sales

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Have you ever thought about what makes people go through with a purchase decision? While most people would provide a logical explanation for what they bought, there are other factors in play. There are certain emotional triggers and logical devices that had influenced them.

Robert Cialdini, a psychologist, had written about the principles of influence in his famous book “Influence: Science & Practice”. These principles are used in every aspect of communication. But the use of the principles in online sales is what can change how you market online.

Here are the six principles of influence and how it can be used for your digital marketing:

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1. Scarcity

Scarcity is when there are a limited number of resources available. This can be used in several ways. You can offer a limited number of products at a discounted price, a limited number of free gifts, or a special edition product with limited quantities.

People are more likely to act if they know that there are fewer resources are available.

2. Commitment

Commitment is the desire to act consistently with the person’s previous actions. How do you use commitment in your digital marketing? Start with an offer that doesn’t require a big commitment and is easy to follow through with.

It may start out as an email subscription for a free guide. Then it may lead to an offer for a $49 product. Finally, it may lead to a $399 purchase. You can think of it as a step ladder that leads the customer towards the ultimate goal.

3. Social Proof

Social proof is when people are more likely to act if they see others acting similarly, approving of the action, or recommending the action. Social proof is most evident in infomercials. Previous customers come on the program to talk about their positive experience with the product or service.

A great way to use online is to showcase testimonials for your product or service on people’s social media accounts. You can also feature ratings and reviews from third-party websites as proof that your business delivers on its promises.

4. Liking

Most people would rather purchase from a company they liked as opposed to a company they’re not familiar with. How do you get people to like you? A great way to start is to understand fundamental human behavior and develop rapport by talking about their unique problem or situation.

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You can build on this by developing relationships with your prospects. This can be done by offering value in the form of content, helping to solve their biggest problems, and creating an emotional connection through stories.

5. Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the desire to give to somebody who has already given to you. Start by offering something of value for free. This can be anything from a free report, educational video, to valuable online resources. In return, ask for the person to share your resource on social media or even try out your product/service on a free trial.

6. Authority

Authority is the desire to follow an expert. You can say it’s a form of social proof. If you can get experts like celebrities, industry experts, or organizations to endorse your business, you’ll be able to increase your selling power.

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Another great way to use authority is to borrow credibility and use it in your marketing through quotes, citations, research papers, badges, etc.

Are you using any of these six principles in your digital marketing? If not, study the principles, examine them in action, and start applying them to increase your online sales.

Principles of influence in digital marketing

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