How To Add Animations To Your Photos

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How To Add Animations To Your Photos
How To Add Animations To Your Photos

Here we have shared a detailed guide on how to add animations to your photos on Android smartphones. You can animate both photos and videos with this method.

If we look around, we will find that the smartphone industry has improved a lot over the past few years. These days, Android smartphones are offering 3-4 camera which are capable enough to compete with DSLRs. Social media has played a vital role in the advancement of smartphone technology, especially on the camera front, as it forces users to capture and share images.

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are now considered a big thing, and users are always looking at ways to ensure that their photos stand out from the crowd. To improve photos, there are plenty of photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store like Snapseed, Pixlr, etc., but nothing comes close to the Scribbl. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the free app Scribbl

What is Scribbl?

Scribbl is an animation maker app that is developed by an XDA Senior Member Prithvee. The app allows users to add animations to the images. The app simplifies the process of animating the images by letting you draw over the picture.

Apart from that, Scribbl also offers a wide variety of tools and lets you decide which animations are best for your photos and videos. So, let’s know how to add animations to your Photos with Scribbl in 2020.

How To Add Animations To Your Photos

Adding animations to the images is a complicated task, but Scribbl makes things easy for you. To animate your images, follow some of the simples steps given below.

Step 1. First of all, download & install Scribbl on your Android smartphone.

Install ScribblInstall Scribbl
Install Scribbl

Step 2. Open the app, and you will see a screen like below. You need to tap on the (+) button.

Tap on the (+) buttonTap on the (+) button
Tap on the (+) button

Step 3. Now you will be asked to grant the storage permission. Simply tap on the ‘Allow’ button.

Tap on the 'Allow' buttonTap on the 'Allow' button
Tap on the ‘Allow’ button

Step 4. Next, you will be asked to select between Photos and Videos. Select ‘Photo’.

Select 'Photos'Select 'Photos'
Select ‘Photos’

Step 5. Once done, select the frame size.

Select the frame sizeSelect the frame size
Select the frame size

Step 6. Now tap on the Edit icon located on the top-right corner. You will now see a screen like below.

Add Animations To Your PhotosAdd Animations To Your Photos
Add Animations To Your Photos

Step 7. There you can choose an animation from a variety of drawing options.

Choose the animations & optionsChoose the animations & options
Choose the animations & options

Step 8. Once you are ready, go back and draw on the photo and then tap on the play icon. If you want to make changes, change the configuration accordingly before drawing on the image.

Step 9. To save the image, tap on the ‘Export button’ at the top right corner. This will save the animated photos as an HD video by default, but you can also choose SD or FHD option.

Tap on the 'Export button'Tap on the 'Export button'
Tap on the ‘Export button’

Some other apps that you can use

Just like Scribbl, there are lots of other apps available on the Play Store to add animations to your Photos. Below, we have shared three best Android apps to add animations to your photos in 2020.

1. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt AnimatorPicsArt Animator
PicsArt Animator

Well, this app is not exactly the same as Scribbl, but it does its job in its own unique way. PicsArt Animator brings in lots of animation features like duplicate frames, layers, fully equipped drawing tools, etc. With this app, you can use animated stickers and add customized movement.

2. PixaMotion


If you are searching for an Android app to make live photos, live wallpapers, moving backgrounds with animation effects, then PixaMotion might be the best pick for you. With PixaMotion, you can easily add animations to your photos. Not only that, but the app can also help you create unique short videos with the PixaMotion video maker.

3. Movepic


It is one of the best photo animator app available on the Google Play Store. With Movepic, you can animate anything in alight motion photos simply by drawing a path. Not only that, but the app even lets you adjust the speed of the loops photo animation. So, Movepic is another best app to add animation to your Photos.

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can add animation to your photos on Android. If you have any other doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Share it with others as well.


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