How To Get $50 Daily Passive Income Using Autopilot

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How To Get $50 Daily Passive Income Using Autopilot – Today I’m going to show you a used method by many kids to get a daily passive income up to 50$ by doing nothing, full autopilot. The two websites used are safe, trusted and old on the business market. Also, the payment is 100% on both.

If you appreciate my work, my method and you really want to help me, just use the referral link because both have something to win.

I will appreciate your investment for my method, always! I’m not shy to say that I will get 25% of your venture because this method is fantastic and you got it for free. You have nothing to lose if you will register with my referral links. In short, you will use two sites from below to register and start money.

About what is the method?

The method is about one website which is doing traffic exchange between real guys which the traffic received will be converted in views to your site. Your website? Yea, your website.

It’s named website, but you don’t need a website.
On the other website, all is about CPM (Cost per thousand). You will use the traffic (views) from the first website on the other website.

The payout rates are so significant for 1000 views in the USA (6$), New Zealand($5.60), NL($5.10) and other countries. CPM is calculated as earnings per 1000 clicks on your short URLs. Short URLs mean the shortened links on which you will receive the traffic exchanged (named Hits).

Which are the two websites which I’ll use?

1. First, you need to register on Hitleap (the traffic exchanger), CLICK HERE.
2. Now you need to register on Adf0cus (shortened links to be paid by CPM), CLICK HERE.

How much I need to invest and where?

1. You need to spend just on Hitleap, go to the main page of Account, in the middle of the page you have something like “Traffic Quality Level – Regular,” this is a free plan.

Go on upgrade and choose the last plan “Ultra” at €36. What does it mean? It means that received traffic on shortened links can be chosen by best-paid regions like the USA, NL and others.. not random countries like India with 0.30$ for 1000 clicks and more shits.

If you buy Ultra Traffic Quality you will get many benefits than regular free plan like “Geotargeting”, “30,000 hits free”, “30 websites slots” more good than 3 website slots at free program (it will work faster and the chance as your websites to be visited more hurry is big and last benefit is Hitleap Viewer Slots(only if you have some VPS to install their program to exchange hits(views).. it up to 10 slots.

2. You can also buy some hits from Hitleap at “Buy Traffic.”

Which are the steps after I invested?

1. Go on Adf0cus and shrink the websites into Adf0cus links. How will you do it? Go on and paste something random as a guest, copy the link and shrink it. (The shortened/shrunk links are paid on views using traffic exchange)
2. Go on Hitleap and put these as websites, at “My websites” -> “Add new website” .. you have 0/30 slots, so you need to fill with 30 sites (30/30)
3. Setup your rest stuff on Adf0cus for withdrawing method like PayPal email and another thing, that’s all. For who didn’t understand, we’ll buy a plan being able to choose our traffic regions with best-paid countries at payout rates from Adf0cus.

The investment will be made in less time also profit will be insane and in less time too. What you have to do is to buy Ultra Traffic Quality and get some hits, buyin’ or anything. Use my referral if you really appreciate my work and method, thanks!

You can also contact me via discord ( ruskiadidas#1883 ) if you want help to buy, setup, any explications, if you have a question about the method, anything !! I’m active on nulled forum and discord too, and you can contact me on both, I’ll answer you in less 1h to help you.

I swear that this method it’s really worth, you will get back your invested money in a short time and also the monthly profit. This method can’t make 10.000 euros monthly but is an excellent daily passive income for teenagers.

I can sell you a tip how to get more profit with this method, just for 10$ and I’ll teach you all I know (for 200-300% profit) than 100-150% normal, add on discord or telegram here (

Here you can see some proofs with many investors who invested some money:
# 36 euro ->
# 6.50 euro ->
# 55 euro ->
# 36 euro ->
# 6.50 euro ->
# 6.50 euro ->
# 36 euro ->
# 36 euro ->
And more investitions about 6.50 euros which is not really important to put all here at proofs.


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