How To Get Amazon Gift Card Codes – Resell For Instant Profit

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How To Get Amazon Gift Card Codes – Resell For Instant Profit – Let’s dive straight right into the process and steps involved.

You need:

  • an profile
  • a profile (verified)
  • expensive items photos (consoles, phones, etc…)
  • a fake Facebook profile (verified)

Let’s start with the explanation: is an auctions website where members can list their own items and get offers from other members. Offers aren’t made with real money but with a virtual value called “credit” (1.000 credits for the convention are around $1 since site owner sell $10 Amazon gift cards for 10.000 credits).

Listia also give you badges which are “rewards” that appear on your profile when you do a certain thing (example: you log in for 7 days and get the 7 check-ins badge; you receive 15 feedback ratings and get the 15 feedback rating badge etc..) between these badges there are a few that help you in getting trusted; these are:

  • Wings
  • Seller wings
  • Trusted seller
  • Verified account level 1

Once said this I can propose you 2 ways to work: the first one is fast but unsure, while the second one is the long but 100% successful. I’m going to explain to them and then you have to choose which take.

Fast but unsure way:

  • Just list a few items you own, posting photos of them with your name on a piece of paper.
  • Get offers (‘ll be low since you’re not a trusted member)

At the end of the auction contract, the winner said that you’re going to ship the item (but in truth, you have not to ship). You have just to take time with winner since 20 days are needed to transfer credits from customer profile to yours.

After 20 days you ‘ll get your credits (if the winner didn’t open a dispute on you because didn’t get the item) and you have to spend them as soon as possible in the rewards store by purchasing digital items (not physical. Digital items only).

Once you have done this just disappear. Rinse and repeat. Your account is likely closed or turned in negative since credits be reverted to the customer and your credits balance be something as “-100.000“.

This is the end of the fast but unsure way.


Long but successful way:

(if you’re wondering, KingOfHunt3rs is my old username) This way have a 100% chance to give you excellent results, but you must be patient and follow these steps:

  • Verify your account by mobile (use pinger or ask somebody on HF to make a mobile verification for you. Is not vocal, you have just to tip a code)
  • Link your account to your fake facebook account (this must be verified by mobile too)

In this way, you’ll get the “Verified account – level 1” badge. This makes you seem more trusted and must be used for the next step.

  • Now you have to list at least 15 auctions of little items which aren’t expensive (digital codes as 48 hours xbl codes, recipes for food, or whatever you can get for free and can be sent by private message on listia). I suggest you making 20-25 of these auctions because a lot of users didn’t give you feedback once they win, and for this step, you need 15 positive feedbacks.

Now that you have your positive seller feedbacks just “play on listia”: you should have something as 1.000 credits; well, use these to buy little digital items and getting customer feedbacks, because you must wait 20 days from your sign up day in order to get 3 important badges (wings, seller wings, and trusted seller. This one is the most important for this method).

My activity

This badge is important because give you a very trusted aspect, and more than this allow to get credits instantly from the winner at the end of each your auction. What does this mean?

This means that you can list a $100 Amazon gift card, an iPhone or other very expensive items and once the auction end you’ll get your credits instantly. Consider that 1.000 credits are around $1. A $100 Amazon gift card is sold by members at around 80-100.000 credits;

If you list 2 of these you ‘ll get easily over 150.000 credits, which can be spent in the rewards store to get a true $150 Amazon gift card which you ‘ll receive by mail. This is just an example, you can list 2x$50 Amazon gift cards, 2x$100, 4x$10 and get more credits.

More credits


Once you receive your gift cards, disappear, rinse and repeat. Golden advice: you have not to wait 20 days without doing anything. I suggest you make 5-6 (even more) listia accounts, in order to get more profits without waiting cycle of 30 days each time.

Amazon giftcard

Thanks for reading. Its time to make some cool cash!!


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