How To Get Steam Games With Insane Discount (Legally)

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How To Get Steam Games With Insane Discount (Legally) – Today I’m gonna share a simple method to get games on steam at cheap. This method isn’t private tho but I’m sharing it because I see people still buy old AAA games at like $30-$40 even in 2019. Which I find unnecessary and literally they’re wasting their money. Well, I’ll shut up now and let’s get into it.

So the method is pretty simple. You can actually save your huge money by taking advantages of different steam regions. Let’s target a game to make it clear. Suppose you want to buy Shadow of The Tomb Raider which currently costs $24( as its summer sale going on)

Now Go to Google and search for “Shadow of the tomb raider steamdb”

Then you’ll get the link always on the top:

Now Click on it and scroll a bit. You’ll see a big list of prices of the game you searched for that varies with different currencies.

Always check the top line of the list which actually shows you the country where the games price is the cheapest comparing to all regions. Here we can see Shadow of the Tomb Raider costs only $6.31 in Argentina.

Now we’re gonna change steam region to get the game. Here’s how to do it

First, open your steam client and login to your account. Go to Account Details -> Manage Steam Guard->Deauthorize all other devices.

Then log out from your client. You have to do this to make sure you’re account is not logged in anywhere so that they can’t track your current location/IP.

Now open your VPN and connect to Argentina.

Open your browser and log in to your steam account. Minimize the browser.

Now Login again to your account with the steam client.

Then go to account details->Update Store Country. now you’ll see your current country name on a dropdown tab. click on it you’ll see Argentina on below. Click on it and Fill up the Form with fake info. and click on Update Country. It’s done !! Your steam Region is changed.

Now go to the store and buy Shadow of the Tomb Raider and enjoy the game. You won’t need VPN to play this game and no language problem either.

I’ve been using this method since 2016. Never faced any issues. The method got some restrictions which I suggest you follow otherwise you might have problems.

Restrictions :

* Only change your region after 14 Days you changed your region last time. If you try several times before that, then they might ban your account.

* Always the store page of the game using your browser before changing region. Because some games may have Country or Language Restrictions. Like You can’t play that game without using VPN or will have a different language. Here’s an Example :

* After migrating region, log out immediately and turn off your VPN.

* Don’t ever redeem any gift code or game code using VPN.

Have fun guys!!


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