How to make a low budget film and make it a success

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Making a low budget film for most people is either done as course work or beginner attempts to foot their presence in the film industry. Such kind of work is driven by passion and finance; however sparse should not mar its content.

Aspire to have an idea of the background of other short films and how they became a success against the odds. Low budget films receive no funding from film corporations such as film studios. Funding films is a big gamble because of the uncertainties on how it will be received by the target market thus reducing the chances of closing a private investor.

Depending on the content and the drive invested in producing a film, it may receive recognition and earn broadcasting opportunities in film festivals.

It is also essential to understand that the amount of budget for films in different locations varies and is relative to the film level of that country. Different film categories also come with their budgets.

For example, producing an action film that would require major props may cost you more than a horror film which viewers don’t have the intention of putting the faces to the content.

With digital technology, there are apps with quality editing features thatassist in producing sellable films. If your content is compelling enough, there are chances of making big money by selling to established film producers with a broader market and approved networks.

Cast and crew

Established actors may not abandon their high paying acting jobs and do charity work in terms of appearing in a short film that may or may not make headlines.

Always get actors who are fresh in their careers and have the same motivation is making a low budget film successful. You can ask your family members and friends to appear as background cast or stand in as part of the crew.

Create a unique story

Before deciding on the narrative, chose a genre that will work well when you are under a low budget. Choosemore of genres that will focus interest on how viewers will be emotionally ticked rather than the actors.

This way you disengage the costs involved in hiring professional actors. Have a complete outline of the plot and dialogue, make it short and avoid cliché.


Having many location shoots involved in your film may be more costly.However,utilizing one location for different settings is possible.

All you need to do is to use what you have in terms of furniture and decorative items to create contrasting moods and backgrounds. Depending on natural light for your shoots will remove the necessity of having to buy too many light fixtures for your shoot.

Youcan also learn the art of negotiations and ask for permissions to use precise locations for free. If you get free and unlimited access to a private place, make a considerable part of your story around that location.


Mobile phones with great HD cameras are good for video shooting,and they can be supplemented to professional cameras.

To capture good images, you require to work alongside a talented DP and good lighting. You can also buy and sell your professional broadcasting equipment.

Selling your broadcasting equipment will help you get funds to pay small dividends to your crew and also pay for submission fees at film festivals and receive a few minutes of play.

Also, do not underestimate the quality of sound for your film. Hire a good sound recordist so you can focus on directing and other aspects of the film.


Excellent production design will offset any poor quality shoots. Plan on where to source for materials to use in your set at a low budget.

You can buy props online at affordable rates. If production design seems like much of a headache opt for locations already designed as you would picture creating a model set from scratch.

When it comes to making a good quality low budget film, spread your finances equally to all departments. Have a bigger picture of your film career and this way you will inspire your cast and crew to give their best in the production of the film.


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