How To Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

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How To Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing On Instagram – Lets quickly get started below:


  • Instagram Account
  • the account in SMM panel (we can found cheapest mentions service here: )

The first important thing you have to do is find a niche. How to find one: let`s make an account in any CPA network, here are few examples:

Now go to the “Offers” page, and sort it by CPC (check for offers above 1$ leads). Now you can see the best offers in the network.

I can see that there is PIN Submit Offer for France that pays 12$ per lead, our “customer” has a chance to win the newest iPhone.

Alright, what now. We copy this offer URL and short it by URL shortener, e.g., (I HIGHLY recommend to buy a domain for 1$ – for example from – and create a masked redirection to offer link, because may not always work correctly).

Okay, now lets head to our Instagram account. We are going to create a NICHE related account – so as you can see we are promoting iPhone CPA offer. We need to use the niche-related username, for example, “iphone4free”.

We should also use the related pic as our profile photo – it can be a photo of Apple company or anything that goes with the iPhone.

We have to create bio in France language. Just type in google translate thing like “Get iPhone for free. Only for the first ten people. Check the link below”.

Translate it to France and put in a bio. By this time, put your shortened CPA link in “URL box.”

Now we have to create a single post. It`s the FIRST thing your audience will see, so prepare some nice pic or merely use any pic related to your niche from Google.

ig cpa
Instagram CPA

THIS IS IMPORTANT: describe your post as “Check the link in bio” (also in France language) or something like that.

We are almost set up. Now its time to use SMM Panel - generally, its a site that contains plenty of services for social media like YouTUbe likes, Facebook Likes, Instagram followers, etc. We will focus on IG Followers, Likes, and most essential MENTIONS.

We need to add funds to our account – I recommend you to add 5$ at the start – we will use those funds to buy services.

We need around 3k followers so our profile will look more legit.
400 likes for our post will be enough.

And now it`s time for Instagram Mentions – how it works? It mentions users (e.g., @randomguy) under your IG post so everyone who will be mentioned will get a notification.

You have to search for France profiles on Instagram with a significant amount of followers (50k will be enough if the pattern is active – check recent posts, if it has less than 300 likes and the last post is two weeks old find another one).

What is the price for that service? Its shallow - 1,2$ for 1000 mentioned users (you wont find cheaper SMM panel for Mentions).

What does it mean for you? If you are promoting an offer that pays 12$ per lead, it will be enough that ONE person of 1 THOUSAND people will complete the offer to get ROI 1000%! It`s easy to scale method, trust me.

Some people may say its an old method, but its fkin working so what? It will never be saturated since you can use this method to promote everything – all depends on your niche.

And what is the best part about it? Your IG account won`t be banned for that. I have a post with the hack to a mobile game that has 20k mentioned users.

Tips and tricks:

  • after you use service, don`t log in to that IG account anymore,
  • be careful with links,
  • buy a domain and use a masked redirect,
  • if you want to test your niche, spend 3$ to check if it`s worth,
  • use high-quality followers and likes


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