How To Make Quick Money In One Day Doing Simple Designs Jobs

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How To Make Quick Money In One Day Doing Simple Designs Jobs – This is a method I’ve been using for a few months now, it’s legit and copyright free but could be used for less legit things as well.

I’m going to drop so many hidden gems in this method. It has a few working parts, but the end product can be adapted to whatever you desire.

Things you’ll need:

  • An IOS or Android Phone of decent quality (Currently using Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus)
  • Pro version of the app Painnt – 9$/year (Not affiliated, just the best design app I found for androids). Painnt turns your photos into masterpieces, for real! Use the most advanced AI tech to dramatically improve your art with tons of fully customizable HD filters.
  • Gmail account
  • A Desktop Computer
  • Photoshop – whatever version ( Best if you have access to actions)

Here we go:

Go to Pixabay or Wiki Commons on your phone and find public domain images or CC of the niche you want. This method works mainly with real photos, not vectors as much. Download these Images on your phone.

Open up the Painnt app, make sure to get the pro version unless you want extra work photoshopping out their trademark. Now, pick your image and look at the different filters that you see.

Crop what you want in the picture and then add the filter, mess with settings if needed. Each Filter turns the image into a work of art and is also much easier to size is that it is now a painting or cartoon. I’ve had even low-quality photos work well.


Image result for Redbubble

This part is about where to place your design. They are many places this can work for, here are a few I’ve to begin going hard on.
These designs are perfect for many products on this platform, create an account and resize your image to 5400 x 4500.

If you’re not scared, Look up “Imacros reddit” for this site, it will make life easier. Beware though, I’ve had several accounts banned for automation, so I’ve stopped doing. Reports I have still make decent amounts.


Related image

This one I have just started but this requires a bit more effort, First, do some research and find the perfect sized book for your niche.

  • Open the File in photoshop, Stretch your main image into the front cover section
    Add a big rectangle for the back cover, make the box a color that complements the cover
    Make sure the template is sized correctly with your main image and back cover.
  • Add title on the spine or front cover (Required by Createspace, to save you days of annoyance, make sure that the title on the book is what your title of the book will be listed as, otherwise, they won’t greenlight it)
  • Save As Photoshop PDF (Name it something Organized)
    Upload Your PDF Cover Image and the interior. (Do your research for keywords and titles, it isn’t that hard and is similar to any onsite SEO, I use Etsy rank and Merchantwords to find good ideas, but don’t overthink it)
  • Rinse and Repeat till your eyeballs bleed.

Tip. Use photoshop actions and record how you size it and place everything, use youtube to learn it, it will save time on bulk projects. I’ve made 10,000s of designs in days rather than months using this photoshop method alone.

Also for anyone wondering about the interior, journals make great gifts, use google slides to make the interior.

Ways to improve: Find a way to auto-populate CreateSpace titles, description, keywords. Also using google drive and sheets to keep all designs, original images, covers and listing info all organized.


Related image

This one requires a $30/year subscription, but it’s a good print on demand company that goes for a more artistic approach. Pretty self-explanatory, use the same methods from redbubble.


Image result for Printful

This will open up some doors to a lot of different things, and they are a print on demand company, they have a lot of products perfect for this type of design or image. The best part, it gives access to Amazon, Etsy, and eBay Integration.

Here Is an Example:

Old Image I got from pixabay

Old image 1
Old Image I got from pixabay

New Image – Using Udnie theme in Painnt

Edited Image 2
New Image – Using Udnie theme in Painnt

Honestly, I make enough right now to live off it that’s for sure hahaha, I make about $2000-4000/ month from redbubble on average – I have about 5k designs on there, each on 35+ Products. I make random but consistent sales. $800 -1300/ month on merch by Amazon on average – Just got to Tier 1000 so I’m planning to strike this Black Friday.

Just started Createspace so that time will tell. $200-400 on Etsy a month, This would be higher, but most require more effort. My only weakness in this whole journey is that if I focused more on niches, and get my designs out there, I will make much more.

Keep an eye on Etsy. If you can make a great niche store, promoting it with paid ads is cheaper than anywhere else for traffic. I make $11 commission on shirts uploaded that I couldn’t get sales for on merch by Amazon.

Extra tip, run an android emulator on your computer and download the apk for Painnt. Painnt is also available for your Windows Desktop.


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