How To Never Do Your Homework Now Again

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How To Never Do Your Homework Now Again – below are different vital steps to follow to help you never do your homework now again.

Method 1: Online Paper

Use to corrupt your paper and then say that your computer crashed, leaving you with a corrupt file. It is essential to make sure that the file you are turning in was created on a reasonable date (not five minutes before turning it in nor two years ago) as this can be checked and it must be a reasonable length (not one page if it’s an essay) because this can also be verified.

If you know what computer your teacher uses you can send them a type of file no one uses, such as a .pages instead of a .docx and say that the other software wasn’t functioning correctly.

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Method 2: Printed Paper

If you have any images that are important such as graphs or diagrams, delete them and replace them with a blank space, saying that you couldn’t print them correctly.

Otherwise, replace all characters with something like “?” or an empty box/random symbol and say that your printer gave you an encoding error (this is an actual problem, here’s an example of it).

Method 3: Math/Physics

Use photomath (it’s an app) or to type in/take a picture of your problem, and it will solve it for you for free, showing you the steps and the answer.

Method 4: Online Communities

There are some people online that (believe it or not) love to do homework (mostly math as this is more “fun”). On various social media such as Reddit or Discord, you can act nice/dumb, and they’ll help you out (make sure to thank them).

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BONUS Method: The Middleman

Tell person A you’ll send them the second half of the assignment if they send you the first half. Once they send you their half, contact person B and flip the deal; you’ll send them the first half (from person A) if they send you the second half.

Person B agrees you send them the first half, and they return the favor, sending back the second half which you then send to person A. Now both person A and person B are happy, and person C (you) just got both halves free by acting as the middleman.

Note: Don’t abuse Methods 1 & 2 unless your teacher is an actual idiot because they will catch on, just like with any other excuse.

Also, know that teachers talk to each other, and they’ll get suspicious if the same student is reporting the same error to multiple teachers.


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