How To Run Root Apps On Unrooted Android Device

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If we talk about Android apps, there are two types of apps available out there – Rooted and non-rooted apps. Lots of users choose to root their smartphone to use modded apps. Not just mods, but there are lots of advanced apps available for Android that needs root access to work.

However, rooting an Android smartphone is not the easiest thing out there, especially if you’ve no idea about it — any wrong step while the rooting device can brick your device. Rooting also voids the Android warranty and has few other drawbacks.

We have already discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android. You can check out the article to get a clear idea of what to expect after rooting an Android device.

How To Run Root Apps On Unrooted Android Device

Since there’s always a risk attached to Android rooting, users feel worried while rooting their device. So, if that’s what restricting you to root your device, then you are reading the right article. In this article, we are going to share the best method that would help you to run Root apps in your unrooted device.

Everything about VMOS (Free)

VMOS is an Android app that allows users to run root apps on a non-rooted device. It’s an app based on Virtual Machine and can activate root by one-click. Since its an app based on creating a virtual machine, it can create an instance of virtual Android running inside your Android device.

Features of VMOS for Android

Features of VMOS for AndroidFeatures of VMOS for Android
Features of VMOS for Android

Since it’s a software-based on Virtual Machine, you can do lots of things after installing the app on Android. Let’s check out the things that you can do after installing VMOS on your smartphone.

  • You can easily install the latest version of the Android operating system.
  • Since it’s a virtual machine, it can be used to run 2 instances of the same app on Android.
  • It lets you activate root in just one tap. Once activated, you can enjoy endless numbers of root apps.
  • The VMOS app also lets you customize the resolution of your screen. You can set length, width, and DPI of your choice.
  • It also offers a floating window style display which is seen on the latest version of Android.

How To Run Root Apps In Your Unrooted Phone

To run Root apps on your non-rooted device, you need to use the VMOS app. Let’s check out how to use the VMOS app on Android 2020 to run root apps.

Step 1. First of all, download & install the VMOS Android app on your smartphone.

Step 2. Once done, launch the app, and you will now see the intro. You can either read the tutorial or skip to the final page.

skip to the final pageskip to the final page
skip to the final page

Step 3. Now you need to grant a few permissions. Grant all the permissions to continue.

Grant the permissionsGrant the permissions
Grant the permissions

Step 4. Now it will install the ROM to access. Wait for few minutes until the software installs the ROM on the virtual machine.

Wait until the software installs the ROMWait until the software installs the ROM
Wait until the software installs the ROM

Step 5. Once done, you will see a screen like below. Here, wait for a few seconds or minutes for the Virtual machine to start.

Wait until the Virtual Machine StartsWait until the Virtual Machine Starts
Wait until the Virtual Machine Starts

Step 6. Now you will see an interface of Virtual Android.

The Virtual AndroidThe Virtual Android
The Virtual Android

Step 7. Now open the Settings app inside VMOS and tap on the Build number seven times. This will enable the Developer option with an option ‘Root’ toggle. Turn on the root option.

Enable Root from the Developer OptionEnable Root from the Developer Option
Enable Root from the Developer Option

Can I run the Xposed framework after following this method?

Yes, you will get root access, and after that, you can run the Xposed framework.

The virtual Android interface is slow.

It will be slow because the app runs Android on a Virtual machine.

Is VMOS a safe app to use?

Yes, VMOS is a safe app to use. However, make sure to download it from trusted sources only.

That’s it, you are done! Now you will be able to run all apps and games that need root access to run. So, this is how you can run Root apps in your unrooted device. I hope this article helped you! Share it with others also. If you have any doubt, let us know in the comment box below.


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