How to Send a Snap To Everyone at Once on Snapchat?

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Instagram/TikTok may be the king in the photo-sharing section today, but it was Snapchat that started the short video & photo sharing trend.

Snapchat is a social networking app where users can share pictures or videos (Snaps) with friends and followers. If you are an active Snapchat user and maintain Streak with many people, you may look for ways to send snaps to everyone at once.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to send a snap to everyone on Snapchat, continue reading the article. Below, we have discussed how to send a Snap to everyone on Snapchat.

Can I Send all streaks at once on Snapchat?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to ‘Send all streaks at once on Snapchat’, let me tell you that it’s possible to send snaps to all users with whom you maintain a streak.

Maining Snapchat Streaks could be challenging, especially if you have many. And Sending snaps to all Snapchat friends can be an easy option.

So, yes, it’s possible to send streaks to everyone at once, and there are not one but two different ways to do it.

How to Send Snap to multiple friends at once?

It’s very easy to send a snap to multiple friends at once on Snapchat. You need to follow the two methods we have shared below for that.

Send Snap to Everyone At Once – The Group Feature

Creating a Snapchat group is the best and easiest option for sending a snap to multiple friends at once. Here’s what you need to do.

1. First, open the Snapchat app on your Android or iPhone.

2. When the Snapchat app opens, tap the Chat icon at the bottom.

3. On the chat screen, tap the New Chat icon at the bottom right corner.

New Chat

4. On the next screen, tap ‘New Group‘.

New Group


5. Now, you need to create a new group. You need to select the members you want to add to the group, add the group name and tap on the ‘Chat with group‘ option.

select the members

6. Now record a new snap and tap on the Next button.


7. On the Send menu, tap on the New group that you have created.

New group

That’s it! The snap will be sent to every user added to your group.

How to Send Snaps to Everyone at Once – Snapchat Shortcut

Another option on Snapchat allows you to send streaks to everyone at once. Here’s how to send a snap to multiple friends without creating group.

Important: The feature to create Shortcut is missing on the latest version of Snapchat. Many users have reported Snapchat Shortcut not showing issues. If the Shortcut doesn’t show up, you must report a bug to Snapchat within the app.

Snapchat Shortcut

  • Open the Snapchat app and record a snap that you want to send.
  • Now tap on the Send to button. On the next screen, tap on the Create Shortcut option.
  • The Create Shortcut option will appear just underneath the search bar.
  • Now you will be asked to select the contacts. Select all contacts and tap on ‘Create Shortcut’

Note: Snapchat Shortcut only allows you to select up to 200 contacts. If you have over 200 contacts, you must create a group to send a snap to the remaining people.

If you are unable to find the option to create Snapchat Shortcut, you need to download an older version of Snapchat, or contact the support team of Snapchat.

That’s it! Now whenever you want to send a snap to everyone at once, select the Shortcut you have created.

Send Snaps to Everyone at Once – Third-Party Apps

Various third-party Snapchat apps on the Play Store allow you to send snaps to everyone at once. Most of them are called Snapchat Mods, with a few risks.

Snapchat doesn’t allow users to use mods to tweak the app’s functionality. Hence, if the company finds out the account is linked to a Snapchat Mod, your account will be banned.

Apps like SnapAll, Snapchat++, etc., allow you to send streaks to everyone at once on Snapchat. However, we recommend avoiding such apps because they can lead to a permanent account ban.

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So, these simple ways to send snaps to everyone at once on Snapchat. If you need more help sending streaks to multiple friends at once, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, make sure to share it with your friends.


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