How to Share Liked Songs on Spotify in 2023

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In 2023, there’s no shortage of music streaming services, but Spotify rocks the music streaming world. No other music streaming service matches the level of Spotify in terms of music quality & features.

If you rely on Spotify to satisfy your daily music consumption needs, you may be well aware of its feature to mark songs as favorites. And it’s very easy to mark a song as a favorite on Spotify.

To like a song on Spotify, you need to play the music and click the heart icon. This will automatically add your song to the Liked Songs playlist. While liking a song on Spotify is easy, what if your friend asks you to share your liked songs?

So, can you share your liked songs or the entire playlist with your friends? We will know everything about Spotify’s Liked Songs Playlist in detail. Let’s get started.

How to Share Liked Songs on Spotify?

There are not one but multiple ways to share liked songs on Spotify. You can either use Spotify’s web version or a desktop/mobile app to share the songs you’ve marked as favorites.

Share Liked Songs Individually

Follow these steps if you want to share a liked song with anyone. Here’s how to share liked songs on Spotify.

1. Open Spotify’s web version or desktop app.

2. Once the Spotify site loads, log in to your account.

3. On the left sidebar, click Liked Songs.

Liked Songs

4. Now, find the song you want to share. Next, right-click on the Song and select Share.


5. On the Share menu, select Copy Song Link.

Copy Song Link

6. This will copy the Spotify song link to your clipboard.

That’s it! Now you can share the link with your friends. This is how you can share single-liked songs with your friend.

How to Share Liked Songs Playlist on Spotify?

For privacy reasons, Spotify doesn’t allow you to share Liked Songs playlists. However, you can move all Liked Songs to a new playlist and then share the playlist via Link.

Alternatively, you can make the new playlist public on your profile. Here’s how to share Liked Song Playlist on Spotify.

1. On the main screen of Spotify, click Login and log in with your account.

log in to your account

2. Click on the Liked Songs playlist at the left sidebar.

Liked Songs

3. Select a song on the playlist and press CTRL+A to select all songs.

select all songs

4. After selecting all songs, hover over Add to Playlist.

Create Playlist

5. Click on the Create Playlist option

Create Playlist

6. This will create a new playlist and add all your selected Liked Songs.

7. Now right-click on the playlist and select Rename. Enter a new name for your playlist and click on Save.


8. Right-click on the playlist and select Share to share it with your friend. Next, select Copy link to the playlist.

Copy link to playlist

10. The playlist link will be copied to your clipboard. You can now share this link with others.

That’s it! This is how you can share Liked Songs Playlist on Spotify.

How to Remove a Liked Song on Spotify?

It’s easy to remove a liked song on Spotify. For that, open the playlist that contains the song.

Next, click on the green heart next to the song on your playlist. The green heart will be replaced immediately by a clear one, indicating the song is removed from your Liked Song playlist.

Share Songs by Generating Spotify Codes

click on the Download button

For those who don’t know, Spotify Codes are basically scannable images for any song on Spotify. It generates a QR-type code for songs, albums, artists, playlists, podcasts, and even for your profile.

So, another best and unique way of sharing songs or playlists on Spotify is by generating the codes. You can generate a Spotify code for your favorite song or playlist and then share it with others.

The person who received your Spotify code must use the Spotify mobile app to scan those code-type images. Scanning the code will immediately redirect the user to the item page. This is another way to share your favorite songs & playlists with friends on Spotify.

We have already shared a detailed guide on how to create & scan Spotify codes. Make sure to follow that guide to know the steps.

So, these are some easy steps to share liked songs on Spotify. Along with sharing the liked songs, we have also shared the steps for sharing Liked Songs Playlist on Spotify as well. So, use these methods to share your favorite songs on Spotify with your friends.


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