How To Turn Black & White Photos Into Full Color Images

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It’s straightforward to convert any colored photo into a black and white photo, get in the colored version of the photo, and, using any small photo editor apply the black and white filter, and it will be transformed into Black and White. But you might get confused while thinking about how to create the colored version of the photo from the Black and White one.

There are some best and easy techniques which, when used, can help you to easily color your Black and White photos and get more than satisfactory results most of the time. To learn more about these methods, you will have to read this entire article, and after that, you could easily use this method to colorize black and white photos.

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Black and white to color converter – Best Web Tools

Below are certain ways you can easily colorize photo on your devices. So, have a look at all these methods below.

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1)  Colorization Requests Reddit

Reddit service hosts many skillful people on the internet and takes them in front of the online world, and people use to request something they want to have done, and these people quickly capture these tasks to get it done accordingly.

This service lets you publish your B/W photo and ask skillful users to make a colored version. You can either post that work for free or set up the payment for that same task, depending on whether you wish to acquire more technical persons.

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2) ColorizePhoto Convertor WebAppColorize the Black and White Photos2

This online service provides you some control over adding colors to your image, but most of the processing is done only by it; your uploaded image file in black and white will be redirected with a resulting colored image.

Use the comparison tools to compare your pic with any other colored pic of the same kind, and then this tool will work to give its best. This one could be best used for portraits and less complicated sceneries.

3) PicWish


Just upload your black-and-white version of the photo to any of the image hosting services like Image etc., and then copy the link of the hosted image from there. Use that link and paste it to the PicWish web tool, and you will be provided with a colored version of your photo, which you can download for further use.

Note that although this service provides great results but is not always very accurate, you can still get satisfactory or above mid-level colored images.

4) Cutout Pro

Cutout Pro

Cutout Pro is a fantastic website to change image color online. While there’s an option to sign up, it’s not required if you want to convert a single Black and white image into color.

The site’s user interface is clean, and it displays the Upload Image option right on the homepage. You need to click on that button and upload your black-and-white photo.

The web tool will colorize your black and white picture within a few seconds. The only thing to worry about is that the free account only provides five free credits.

5) Photoshop

Colorize the Black and White Photos

This is one of the greatest image editing software ever made for computer devices; one can do almost anything with the images. So if this software can make any changes to the images, it can also help you change color of image.

You have to learn to use all the available tools inside this software, and after that, you can easily transform your B/W version of the picture into a colored one.

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Using Algorithmia

This new web app uses advanced “Deep learning” research and instantly auto-colorizes black-and-white photos to color. This algorithm is being developed by a team at UC Berkeley, which is led by Ph.D. student Richard Zhang. Let’s know how to use this.

1. First, you must visit Algorithmia’s webpage from your Web browser. Google Chrome is recommended.

Using Algorithmia

2. Now, you will find two options “Paste The URL” of the image or upload it from your drive.

Using Algorithmia

3. Once you have pasted the URL or uploaded your existing photos. Hit the “Colorize It” button.

Using Algorithmia

4. Now, wait for a few seconds. It usually takes minutes or two to give the color image.

Using Algorithmia

5. Once done, you will be shown the preview of Photo Colorization Before and After. You can drag the purple line to reveal the before and after.

Using Algorithmia

That’s it! You are done; you can download the colorized image from there. This is the best online tool to turn black-and-white photos into color ones.

And these were all tricks and methods that you could use for transforming black and white photos into colored and much more beautiful-looking pictures. Remember that while using some of these techniques, you may need some advanced knowledge and skills, but most do not require more than basic level skills of your Computer surfing.

Another thing you should get is that you won’t get amazing results all the time, and your pictures may not get great colors every time, but still, it’s more than worth the techniques, so you must go for these.


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