How to Use Google Password Manager on Android in 2023

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Even though you have hundreds of password manager apps available for Android, you don’t need one. If you use the Google Chrome web browser on your Android, you can use Google Password Manager to manage your passwords.

You can access Google’s password manager via any device linked to your Google Account. Over the years, Google’s password manager has improved, and now it offers features not even found in premium password managers.

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Steps to Use Google Password Manager on Android

So, if you use Google Chrome on your Android device to browse the web, it’s best to rely on the Google Password Manager to manage your saved passwords. Below, we have shared a step-by-step guide on using Google Password Manager on Android.

1. Pull down the notification shutter and tap on the Settings icon.

2. On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap the Password & Security option.

Password & security

3. On the Password & Security screen, tap on Manage Passwords.

Manage Passwords

4. Next, on the Manage Passwords screen, tap on Google under Other services.

tap on Google under Other services

5. This will open the Google Password Manager. Scroll down to check all saved accounts and passwords.

Password Manager

6. If you wish to delete a saved password, tap on the entry and select the Delete button.

select the Delete button

7. If you want to run the Password Checkup tool, tap the Check passwords underneath Password Checkup.

Check passwords

8. If you want to change the Password Manager Settings, tap the Settings gear icon beside the Password Manager.

Settings gear icon

9. On the next screen, you will find various options to modify the functionality of the Password Manager.

modify the functionality of the Password Manager

10. If you want to add a Google Password Manager shortcut to the home screen, tap the ‘Add shortcut to your home screen’ button.

'Add shortcut to your home screen'

That’s it! This is how you can use the Google Password Manager on your Android device.

How to Export Passwords from Google Password Manager?

On Google Password Manager, you also have the option to export passwords. The export passwords feature gives you a copy of your passwords to use with another service. Here’s how to export passwords from Google Password Manager.

1. Open Settings > Password & Security > Manage Password.

Manage Passwords

2. On the Manage Passwords, select Google under the Other Services section.


3. Tap on the Settings gear icon at the top right.


4. On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap on the Export passwords.

Export passwords

5. On the Export passwords prompt, tap on Export.


That’s it! This is how you can use Google Password Manager to export saved passwords on Android smartphones.

While using the browser’s password manager is not recommended because they usually lack essential features, Google Password Manager is exclusive and has lots of potential. If you are not satisfied with Google Password Manager, you can use other Password Manager apps for Android. Let us know if you need more help in the comment box below.


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