Instagram Is Working New Option to Reduce Sensitive Content

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Instagram Is Working New Option to Reduce Sensitive Content

Social Media leading platform Instagram is getting more improvements for user’s content choices. Meta-owned Instagram is now working on two new options for its recently released Sensitive Content Control.

Recently, Instagram has also rolled out multiple features in the latest update, such as 90-seconds reels and three posts or reels to pin on top of the feed.

Instagram Planning New Shortcut for Sensitive Content Control

Instagram Planning New Shortcut for Sensitive Content ControlInstagram Planning New Shortcut for Sensitive Content Control

The new Instagram app leaks are coming from the reliable Alessandro Paluzzi, who has a good record in Instagram leaks. Besides, he was the first to leak about Instagram’s hiding followers in profile view.

According to his Tweet, Instagram has two new options in development, which are related to its content control on your feed and a shortcut for newly released sections.

For those who don’t know about Sensitive Content Control, it’s a newly introduced feature that allows you to control all the sensitive content that comes into your feed. Besides, it offers you 3 choices to control it.

And Users can find this option in your Instagram account settings, and now according to these new leaks, we can expect a new shortcut for this section, which you can see in the above screenshot.

This shortcut will appear in the platform’s Explore tab, in the top corner with the search bar.

New “Not Interested” Section

In the same screenshot, we can also see another new option whose functionality is not clarified yet, but we decode some info with its name.

This new section is named “Not Interested” and features an icon of sensitive or hidden content. It might enable managing your interest in the Explore Tab means which type of content you want in the feed or not.

While you already have the “Not Interested” option for posts only, an upcoming section might allow you the same capability for the whole tab.


No exact date is leaked for its release, but we expect to see them in the app sooner.


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