Why Should You Install The WeatherBug App On Your Smartphone?

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When nature is not in a good mood and to keep an eye what is going on in the sky, one must have a weather app in their Smartphone. Good weather apps will help you to take the right decision, whether to take an umbrella while going out or more serious preparation is needed.

Nowadays, across the country, people are facing unexpected bad weather conditions, especially those who are living near coastal areas. It is good to use a weather application to check the forecast and the upcoming conditions.

Importance of having the WeatherBug App in your Phone

Many of us might have faced extreme weather condition. The after effect of bad weather creates several difficulties; therefore, it is important to have a good weather app on your phone. This will help you to acquire immediate alert about the weather conditions. If you have the application readily available in your phone, this could help to take safety measures.

Most Smartphone available now offers 3G or 4G access, enabling users to stay in touch with the latest weather condition. The biggest advantage of using a mobile app remains; it gives you accurate forecast and alerts you immediately about bad weather condition.

WeatherBug application is available for all platforms. As long as the Smartphone is with you, you are ready to access local weather anytime. One thing you should keep in your mind is to update the application whenever they ask you to. The updates will help the app to run better, and you may view new features. The daily apps are visually pleasing and easy to use. Overall it creates a good experience to users.

Why should you Use the WeatherBug App?

The mobile application offers 10-day forecasts, and it is the world largest real-time weather and lightning network. The application is available to be downloaded for Android and iOS phones. They provide hurricane updates and support the Spanish language. The up to date weather forecast is important for planning and safety. They have introduced new customization option for Android phones and tablets.

Now the app has a new “look and feels,” making the redesign acceptable among its users. It is the only mobile tool that delivers minute by minute information about the weather and lightning condition. They are up-to-date information used by schools, professional sports teams, and government, and emergency response crews.

This mobile application reports live local condition in every 2 seconds, which is amazing. The extended 10-day forecast will help you to plan for the weather ahead. You may track the latest storm, view videos, and check the radar within the WeatherBug app hurricane center. Tablet users can read the news updates from WeatherBug team. Users can select local as well as foreign language to know the weather updates.

Install this weather app on your phone and get weather alert in minutes. WeatherBug application is serving millions of consumers across the world. The app is free to install on Android and iPhone.


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