iPhone 14 Production Delayed & its New Renders Mocks Purple iPhone 14

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iPhone 14 Production Delayed & Down of 20 Million

This year, Apple is getting a lot of challenges in creating the most controversial iPhone, the iPhone 14. At the same time, it has become challenging due to its production delay & and stats, including its supplier.

Previously, Apple would launch AirPods Pro second-generation with lighting, not USB Type-C, later this year. An Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, suggests that mass production is expected to start.

iPhone 14 is rumored with many new changes with the camera, notch, and difference between pro and non-pro models, but we are mainly waiting for iPhone 14 handset body looks.

iPhone 14 New Impressive Mock Renders Showed Every New Details

iPhone 14 New Impressive Mock Renders Showed Every New DetailsiPhone 14 New Impressive Mock Renders Showed Every New Details

Firstly, Let’s discuss its production delay. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 production schedule got delayed in China because of lockdowns due to increased cases of COVID.

iPhone 14 production is in Shanghai, which is included in China’s strict zero-COVID policy, but Apple is straightly pushing suppliers to speed up product development.

According to Nikkei Asia,  Apple’s manufacturing development has four phases for iPhone models: New Product Introduction (NPI) for the pilling manufacturing segment, and then an Engineering Verification Test (EVT).

After that, for design to suppliers and in the final, it hit mass manufacturing discharge for the new iPhones. For this year, the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Max, and 14 Pro Max are seated, and if you take a look at Apple’s old data.

It shows the past iPhones completed the EVT stage at the June end and headed to the mass production in August or September. To maintain the same, speed up is development required.

As of now, it is delayed, so that we might see some more delays with different models, and its launch date might also be delayed.

iPhone 14 New Renders

Jon Prosser has presented the iPhone 14 Pro Max renders created by concept graphics designer Ian Zelbo. If you notice, this render contains every possible feature that was rumored earlier.

The mainly nice thing in this render is its Purple color variants, creating a fantastic hype.


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