iPhone 17 Would Have ‘Under-Display Face ID’

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Apple seems ready to launch iPhone 15 later this year, and thanks to all the leaks confirming that there is no change in its screen design, but iPhone 17 in 2025 may introduce a big change in screen design.

As per the new leaks, iPhone 17 will have a screen design without a notch or dynamic island that will retain a highly rumored feature which is under-display Face ID, so let’s delve into the details below.

iPhone 17 Under-Display Face ID: All Details

A well-known display industry consultant Ross Young has now shared the latest details on the under-display Face ID’s arrival. There is no reason to doubt information from him as he holds a good track record regarding Apple’s future products.

According to Ross’s tweet, Apple is now highly expected to unveil iPhone with under-display Face ID in 2025. Earlier, Ross Young claimed that the first iPhone with under-display Face ID would arrive in 2024.

But now, he revealed that Apple would take at least one more year due to some issues with the sensor.

This timeframe is directly hinting at iPhone 17 series because, in 2025, Apple is highly expected to launch iPhone 17 series but this won’t have all-screen design.

Also, Apple carries a similar meta for its iPhone series as it introduced a new notch in iPhone 14 series last year, and this year, we will see this notch (Dynamic Island) in iPhone 15 series’ all models.

And then the same in iPhone 16 series, which will complete its three years, so they have to introduce a new design for the notch, which would be a circle only for the front camera, and there will be an invisible under-display Face ID sensor.

However, Apple would use its usual strategy, in which only the pro models of the series will have an under-display Face ID, and non-pro models will have Dynamic Island notch design.

Currently, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about these changes or features, so all the above information includes assumptions from sources, and for more accurate details, we have to wait.


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