Is Driver Easy Safe? Pros, Cons & Downloading Speed 2020

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Every second version of living and nonliving things need an update like a software or hardware. The software update is an important process in a personal computer. Even your Android mobile phones and applications need to be updated from time to time. A Driver updater helps you in many ways to get the latest version of the software and hardware. Here, we are going to know all about the Driver easy and its pros and cons.

What is Driver Easy?

Driver Easy is a driver updater tool that helps the users to update and maintain the device on personal computers and desktops. While using this driver updater, you might have heard about its safety or if it is a virus-free or not. Driver Easy is available in both the free version and pro version.

Is Driver Easy Safe?

Safety is the priority in case of updation on any driver on your computer. Otherwise, technical malware can harm your computer, and it might lead to run slow the network than ever. Therefore it is always better to choose the right driver updater to get proper benefit from it.

Driver Easy is a safe driver updater, which is supported by the database of 8 million drivers. Also, it provides useful information, including its versions and proper sources. This is easy to use for any user, as it has a colorful interface in it.

Is Driver Easy Safe? Pros, Cons, Downloading Speed 2020

The main thing is that you will not require any computer expert to install this driver updater. It is as easy as you do the process for other driver installation on your computer. And if you do not want to invest money in purchasing Driver easy, then you can go for its free version Driver Easy 5.6.x.

Also, if you want safety for your computer, then go through the (Driver Easy Website) to purchase and download the driver, even if you are going to use the free version. Every software you buy or install in your computer go for the trusted sources.

Some useful points you can consider while using Driver Easy! Now, let’s go through Pros and Cons of Driver Easy.

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Pros of using Driver Easy

  • It is not malicious software (malware).
  • Driver Easy is a free .driver updater tool.
  • From Driver easy, you can directly download drivers from the software.
  •  It scans the driver fast
  • Driver Easy will help you finding the outdated drivers on your computer.
  • It runs without an internet connection.
  • It can fix unplugged and incompatible drivers.
  • Driver Easy uses only certified drivers.
  • It shows the comparison between the recently installed driver and the old driver, which needs an update.
  • Driver Easy has a method of downloading windows updates.

Cons of using Driver Easy

  • It is not a virus, but you might end up installing some unwanted components in your computer. So, there is a little risk in it.
  • Download speed is slow in the free version. But, in Driver Easy pro, you will find good downloading speed.
  • You will see many premium features, which you can enjoy after purchasing it.
  • It updates the driver manually. But nowadays, users prefer automatic updates.
    You can’t do bulk download with Driver Easy.

I hope those above-mentioned pros and cons will help you to decide, whether to use Driver Easy or not.

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Driver Easy Downloading Speed

For better downloading speed, you need to update the network adapter driver. Also, if you are using the free version of Driver Easy, then only you will face a slow downloading process, but if you update it and go for the Driver Easy pro version, you will be able to discover good speed. The Driver Easy pro version will help you to update all the drivers on your computer in just a click.

Is Driver Easy Safe? Pros, Cons, Downloading Speed 2020

So, one click will do the trick for you in the pro version with 8 million more significant database drivers. You will also receive the Driver backup and restore option. And, it will automatically kick off the outdated drivers with the auto-scanning feature, that too without an internet connection.

Driver Easy Scheduler

The Driver Easy scheduler helps you to update the driver at any time. There is no time-bound to scanning the outdated drivers. You can set time for it.

Driver Easy supporting versions of Windows:

Driver easy supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of windows in

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7


After ascertaining the pros and cons of Driver’s easy, you might have decided whether it is good or bad for you to use. Here, I would like to recommend to you. First, you go for the free version to know how it works or whether it will be the best driver updater tool for your computer or not.

Once you are familiar with the free version of Driver Easy, then to enjoy premium functions, you can switch to Driver Easy pro. Now, it is your opinion, you want to use it or not, but it is entirely safe for your computer.


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