How To Know The Differences Between The Original & Fake Samsung Galaxy S6

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There are fake ‘Galaxy S6’ in the market, and if you do not buy your new phone with open eyes you can easily buy a fake Galaxy S6 thinking it original. But With each new type of malpractice comes tricks which can prevent you from a considerable lose. By learning a few tricks you can avoid becoming a victim of fake industry. Here we are telling some of the tricks which you can use to distinguish a real Samsung Galaxy S6 from fake cloned version.

Once a cell phone is out in the market it will not take much time to be copied. While smartphones are costly their duplicates also give more profit. Usually cloned copies have lower quality materials which make them more profitable if sold at original prices. Therefore, after conducting a few test most of the weak points of the fakers are identified which help us to distinguish an original product from fakes.

Certain tests are conducted on Samsung Galaxy S6 which has its duplicated cloned version in the market. It is quite interesting that after considering a few points it is simply judged. You can also look for these certain points while purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S6.

At first glance you may confuse a plastic material with glass if it is well furnished. But with a single touch one can feel the difference. The original Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a back made of glass material while fake ones have a ‘plastic’ feel.

Remember that Galaxy S6 comes with the Android 5.0 Lollipop, The original Galaxy S6 also displays wallpapers and other objects of interface with an impressive clarity. Fake phones are sold with older version and their interface and wallpapers results are also not cleared.

The originality of a Galaxy S6 is most of others, evident on its internal performance. When you hold any Samsung Galaxy S6 you should not be complaining about speed and responsiveness. If you fell such weakness in you Galaxy S6, than it is a fake.

Another key point to distinguish an original and fake Galaxy S6 is its Box. Being a class smartphone it is also offered by Samsung in standard packing. Fakers also try to make it similar but the box material and fonts and stickers on the box have slight differences.

The original simply feels fancy with polished box and standard fonts and special code. But its duplicate feels very local and feels cheap even on a single touch. Also the fonts and sticker information are also not given properly.


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