Logitech Comfort Lapdesk For Notebooks For N5,500

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Enjoy more comfort around your home on the sofa, bed, or even the floor. You take the word “laptop” literally. You use your computer on the couch, the bed, on the desk, on the train and at times even the floor.

While the whole point of having a laptop is to get yourself away from the desk, you find that unless you’re seated at a properly designed ergonomic desk, more often than not, using your laptop for long hours is pretty straineous. It’s not long before wrist pain, neck pain, aching shoulder and a lot of other issues stop you from working on your laptop.

Logitech is now here at your rescue. This Logitech Comfort Laptop for laptops and notebooks is a heat shielding, lightweight lapdesk with a twelve-degree angled riser that lets you enjoy more comfort around your home, on the sofa, bed, floor, or virtually anywhere else where you happen to use your laptop. Some of the key salient features of this Comfort LapDesk are as follows:

Heat Shielding Design: You can work and play in cool comfort – the four layer heat shielding design protects your body from notebook heat

Angled Riser: You can use your laptop / notebook comfortably just about anywhere ! Perfect viewing angle prevents strains and aches

Soft, Air-mesh Fabric: The fabric not just protects your from excess heat generated by laptops, but it also feels good on your legs.

Streamlined Profile: This compact lapdesk looks good in any room in your home and can be stored neatly anywhere in the house / office

Refreshing product design and creative use of color ensures that this product is a seamless addition to any room in your house. The enclosed, durable construction ensures years of hassle free computing for years to come. The product comes with a standard 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. Buy with confidence. This product is very popular with MacBook users. The design, color and overall aspect perfectly compliment a MacBook.

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Product features:

  • Slim, light and space saving design
  • Use it flat (as a lapdesk) or on a desk or any other flat surface
  • Ergonomic Design ensures that you’re not straining your neck while using the laptop on your lap
  • Perfect combination of design, smart looks & value with curves at right places
  • Solid, Sturdy & Durable. This laptop stand does not wobble or jiggle under the weight of its contents

Technical specifications:

  • Works with Windows Laptops & MAC Books as well. Suitable for laptops upto 17 inch displays
  • 3 year limited hardware warranty from Logitech direct
  • Fabric Type: Air Mesh

What is included in the box:

  • Logitech® Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks

Place an order for delivery today, Sms your NAME ADDRESS and product of choice to 08034947768. Nationwide delivery.


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