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In today’s economy, we should all be figuring out how to make extra money or to supplement our daily budgets in any way that we can. Most exert effort in collecting coupons and exchanging it for goods and produce, which enables them to save money intended for daily needs at the grocers.

Couponing has become so popular that there are now local clubs and chapters all over the country who meet and strategize how to make the most out of coupons. On the other hand, malls and superstores are now rethinking their couponing programs as it seems to have backfired at them.

So now is not the greatest of time to jump in the coupon bandwagon. So where does that leave us? Another area that appears to have been glossed over by most people is that gift cards from various stores and companies can be a source of extra money, just sell gift cards!

Why Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards are those gift certificates that most companies and businesses give out to their employees or customers as rewards, incentives or gifts during holidays, celebrations and anniversaries. The gift cards can be used in exchange for products and services at a set amount or value. The gift cards, however, can only be used in the store it was from or a list of participating stores.

Most gift cards do not have an expiration date and thus can be used whenever you want to. At the same time, gift cards can be pooled together in exchange for a higher-priced item, thus if you have more than one gift card from the same establishment, then you can use them all together for just one item.

It is a reality however that most people do not get around to using their gift cards, some may have just kept them in a drawer all these years collecting dust. The problem with gift cards is that because it is accepted only on very specific stores and establishments, some may not even be accessible to the gift card owner. It could also be that the value of the gift card is so small that you would end up spending more money in using it than what it was worth for. So that most people would not even go to the trouble of using it.

When you sell gift cards, you are putting into good use the gift cards that have been gathering dust, you get extra money and then you can use the real money for the more important things that you need in your daily lives. Rather than let gift cards gather dust or be a missed opportunity to make good money, sell gift cards and this just might save you from financial woes. More often than not, family members and friend may have a number of gift cards lying around their home and office, and if you ask them for it, they will probably give it to you for free.

Where to Sell Gift Cards?

You can sell gift cards to online stores that will accept gift cards of a minimum value and for whatever stores it is accepted. Most stores would only pay about eighty percent of the value of the gift card and should be at a minimum of $20 in value. Hence, gift cards less than that amount is not acceptable, but some do allow you to sell gift cards in bulk but with a lesser value based on the amount of the gift cards. There are also online shops that buy gift cards at a higher percent value but they do prioritize gift cards from exclusive stores and hard to find gift cards.

If you have gift cards to sell, then try to look into online shops that buy gift cards at a much higher percent per value and those that accept every kind of gift card. You can contact them and negotiate a price for the best value for your gift cards, and if you have agreed on their offer, you may then send a digital copy of the gift cards to them for verification. Once they have been verified, the buyer will then pay out the value of the gift cards that you have agreed upon through your bank account.

Sell Gift Cards and Start Your Own Business

Aside from being an opportunity to earn extra money when you sell gift cards, it is also an opportunity for you to start your own business. You can buy your friends and family member’s gift cards for a small price and then resell them to online buyers for a profit. There are always gift cards being given in corporate parties and awards and during the holidays, and you will probably have a steady supply of it.

If people know that you are buying gift cards, many of them would probably sell it to you at bargain prices. Such that, you will also have a source of gift cards from which to sell to online buyers. The most important thing though is to make it a priority to check and verify each gift card before you buy it.

Since a stale gift card would not get you any profit and therefore would be your loss. Since you can sell the gift cards at a higher price to online buyers, then your profit is a sure thing. This could be the start of business for you on the side, it can make you good money without much investment or effort on your part.

Sell Gift Cards and Buy Yourself a Present

You can save the money that you have gotten from the sale of gift cards until you have enough to buy yourself that piece of jewelry, gadget or furniture that you have been dreaming of for the longest time. Most of the time we do not have enough money left after we budget the checkbook, and we keep on wishing for that item month after month. By selling gift cards, you can finally have the money to buy yourself a present that you so deserve.


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