Make Six Figures Now – How To Make Money Fast Using Google

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In this article, you will learn how to make six-figure right now using Google. Let’s review the steps below;


1. Go on google and look for local businesses in your area.
2. Find businesses with 3.5 Stars or Less on Google Maps.
3. Make a list of a couple of numbers/addresses
4. Contact them and explain how they’re losing a lot of customers because most people now check reviews before going to places.
5. Now explain how you can help them appear up top with a good review and make them a deal, You can set your price but what I would recommend is 50$ as a one-time fee to reach them to 4+ stars then if they go lower and want to re-do it then charge them another 50$
6. After they pay you just make google accounts and write your own reviews with a VPN, I recommend you to have before and after pictures.


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