Official Trip: 9 Must-Have Apps for Business Travelers

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When you are going on a business trip, it’s important to keep everything under control: communication with colleagues and partners, organization and tracking of the route, as well as the distribution of tasks.

Also, you will need to take care of transport, anywhere you go. While planning a business trip to South Carolina, the best way to travel around the state is to rent a car. With the help of exotic car rental Myrtle Beach and the following mobile apps, each business traveler can save time, comfortably reach the desired destination and quickly navigate the locality.

App in the Air

The application solves several problems that each traveler faces. It monitors flight status and via SMS can report any changes not only to you but also to your relatives. App in the Air will calculate how much passport control will take, remind you about the beginning of online registration so that you can choose the best places, as well as help you book a taxi upon arrival. The application has a convenient interface and widgets – all information about the flight is on one screen.

Also, App in the Air stores all data about your travels and loyalty cards, which is especially important for business trips. Among the bonuses are the ability to check the size of the baggage, whether it passes on the parameters in hand luggage.

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If you do not like to waste time at the airport, waiting for boarding, download this application: it estimates the time required for registration and inspection. You can use it to calculate in advance the optimal arrival time, so as not to miss your flight, even if the airport is overcrowded.

At the moment, the application stores data on the 100 largest airports in the world, and the information is constantly updated.


If you have a long flight, you should take care of choosing a good seat in the plane, so as not to experience discomfort in the back and legs, don’t even get tired before an important business meeting. This application will help you choose the perfect seat in advance after viewing the photos: there are 140 aircraft cabin images in its database.

In addition, SeatGuru will send you real-time flight status alerts so that you are not late for check-in and, if something happens, immediately find out information about the delay or cancellation.

Business techologies

SAP Concur

Most companies require employees to provide travel expense reports. Storing paper checks is very inconvenient – it is much better to use a special application for this. Tie your credit card to SAP Concur and photograph the checks – all expenses will be stored in one place.

Through the application, you can quickly check and approve invoices for payment, as well as control the amount of money spent – so that it’s suitable not only for business trips but also for ordinary travel.


Effective communication with colleagues at a distance is a frequent problem. Skype is more suitable for calls than for correspondence, and it’s not always convenient to exchange a large number of emails due to a busy work schedule.

For quick communication, Slack messenger uses a channel structure, thus you can communicate, share documents and important files in groups.

Here you can transfer all working communication from mail and social networks, leaving instant messengers only for personal needs. The main thing is don’t forget to check notifications and regularly go to the application.

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Wi-Fi Map

Mobile communications on business trips are expensive, but if the journey takes not more than a few days, these expenses can be avoided and you can use free Wi-Fi to stay connected.

This application will help to find an available network anywhere. One of the main advantages is that users share passwords from private networks, thus you will have access to wireless Internet anywhere in the city.


The process of obtaining the necessary status for the passage to the airport VIP-hall is an expensive and time-consuming process. At the same time, during a long wait and transfers, everyone wants to spend time comfortably, and not sit on uncomfortable benches.

The LoungeBuddy application allows you to see and pay for the entrance to the business lounge of airports when you want to relax in the high comfort zone – without having to earn enough miles in the airline loyalty programs.

Business Apps

Currency Converter by Neklo

The currency converter is an indispensable application for business travel. In order to correctly calculate the rate and transfer the amount to the desired currency, it takes time – but by downloading the application by Neklo, you can quickly check out local rates.

The application has currencies of all countries of the world so that it can be used on any trip.

Business Apps1


Do you want to follow the usual rhythm of life and keep your physical form even during business trips? Not every hotel has gyms, so the fans of fitness have to look for other options.

ClassPass finds fitness centers located close to you and allows you to select individual workouts. By issuing a general subscription in the application, you can work out in partner studios in many cities around the world, choosing the type of training you like.


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