Why Your Old Smartphone Is Still Useful

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Except you’ve been residing underneath a rock, or in a cave for the previous decade or so, you’ll know that mobiles, and extra particularly the newest cell phones are taking up the world! They will do every little thing from waking you up within the morning, to help you discover your way to that restaurant you have been dying to go to for a while, and in reality, virtually all the things in between.

Furthermore, with technology altering and enhancing nearly on the velocity of thought, there’s all the time the most recent mobile phones ready to replace the older ones, and in essence, entice you away out of your comparatively older phone. However pray, tell me, what do you do with the many mobile phones which have served you so nicely previously, however at the moment are merely relegated to lie about the home? Here’s a few things you may do.

For one, you possibly can at all times take up one of many on-line mobile phone retailers on their ‘exchange offers’, and exchange your outdated mobile phone for one of many newest mobile phones of your choosing. This can be certain that you at all times spend much less in your new phone, and this sure as heck beats leaving your outdated phone to gather dust at home.

Not quite able to part ways with your outdated phone? Why not turn it into your trusty TV remote control for the house! There are a lot apps that allow you to do that, and within the course of, you may by no means have to cope with those low cost remote controls anymore. Man, I hate these cheesy remotes!

That aside, you may additionally turn your old smartphone right into a digital photo frame! Merely activate Daydream (Android) or comparable in your phone, and you may showcase your pics out of your newest journeys, all the stay long day!

Talking of pics, you too can repurpose this mobile phone whose time has come and gone, to be your devoted digital camera on journeys and holidays. This can assist protect battery life in your current phone, and naturally, it will work very well provided that your previous phone does have greater than just a satisfactory camera.

Moreover, you could possibly additionally use your previous system’s camera to function your private home safety camera, or your child monitor! Now, is not that fairly novel! Once more, there are fairly a couple of apps that allow you to do exactly that. So now, keeping an eye on your home, or your baby is an absolute cinch!

What’s extra, bibliophiles can use their old phone as a helpful e-reader. Preserve it at your bedside, and you may learn a few pages earlier than you name it a day, every night time. In the meantime, you may let your daily driver cost up for the day that lies in wait.

As well as, you may additionally turn your phone¬†right into a devoted music machine! For this, you possibly can wipe all these pointless apps and information off the phone, and even ‘factory reset’ the outdated thing. That done, you’ll be able to add all of your music on right here, and apply it to your commute to work and again, or even as a trusty companion on the gym.

Failing any of these, you possibly can at all times hand it off to an older family member. These members of the family don’t have any actual hankering for the latest mobile phones or technology, and usually tend to gladly embrace some barely dated tech. What’s more, you may earn brownie points for this, as well!

So, do not quit in your outdated phone! Breathe new life into it with anybody of these things, or perhaps a mixture of these things! Bear in mind, there’s life in that old beast just yet!


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