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We all constantly use multiple devices each day: Laptops, mobile phones, tablets, devices, our work computers, and more. And we all have multiple online accounts to manage, from bank accounts to social media. To keep all of them secure, we set passwords for each one and then forget what they are and where we stored them.

If hackers get hold of these passwords, we stand to lose a lot: Bank details and private emails are just the starts. In 2019 alone, 617 million online accounts were put on sale on the “dark web,” generating substantial income for hackers and panic for the accounts’ owners.

Passwarden by KeepSolid: Protect Your Passwords & Privacy

There’s a simple solution for all of this: A robust, secure, password management app. A software application that helps you set strong passwords, store them securely and also keeps your other sensitive information safe. This app exists and it has an affordable price, and a name: Password by KeepSolid.

An Overview

Passwarden was developed by KeepSolid, a PC Mag “Editor’s Choice” company that has more than 25 million customers worldwide. Specializing in productivity and privacy protection solutions, KeepSolid’s most popular products include VPN Unlimited, SmartDNS, DNS Firewall, Goals, and others.

Passwarden was designed to help you store your passwords and keep your sensitive data safe from attacks. The app helps you set strong passwords and store them securely, along with sensitive identity information like your driver’s license,  credit card, or debit card details.

Whenever you need to, you can easily and safely share your passwords with other people through Passwarden’s secure “sharing vault.”

Passwarden supports a wide range of different devices and browsers. It also includes a web app so you can easily transfer passwords and other information from web browsers and other password applications.

Key Features and Advantages:

Passwarden offers industry-leading features that set it apart from other password security apps. Here’s a summary:

1. Duress mode

Duress mode lets you set up a special, secondary password to use if you’re forced to show your device to someone against your will. You decide which data will be visible when you enter this password. Only your main password can access your sensitive information.

When you enter the “password under duress”, your sensitive data is deleted locally from your device, and only unimportant data–like news or notes that don’t contain any secret information–are visible. More importantly, the person who’s forcing you to enter your password won’t even know that there’s another “master” password, or that your sensitive data is in another location. With Duress Mode, your sensitive data is completely safe from prying eyes.

2. Safe Password Sharing

Think of all the times you’ve needed to share a password with family or a trusted friend. How did you send that information? In an email? A text message?

While they’re easy to use, these options don’t offer enough security: Hackers routinely penetrate email and social media accounts, looking for details linked to banking, credit cards, and more. Your password isn’t truly safe if it’s sitting in an email, or in a text on your phone. Passwarden solves this problem with end-to-end encryption, enabling you to share passwords securely without the risk of being hacked.

3. Encryption

Passwarden uses military-grade AES-256 and EC (elliptic curve) p-384 encryption protocols to secure your sensitive information–the strongest encryption protocols available on the market. Hackers can’t break these protocols with the technology that’s currently available. Whether you store passwords or other sensitive information using Passwarden, no one can read them.

4. Compatibility

You can use Passwarden on Windows, Android, and iOS, and it works with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. You can use a single Passwarden account on any number of devices, and it’s also available as a web app.


For secure VPN use, Passwarden also integrates seamlessly with  KeepSolid’s flagship product VPN Unlimited, rated by PC Mag as an “Excellent” iOS VPN app that “has it all”.

5. Two-Factor Authentication

Passwarden lets you add a second layer of security with two-factor authentication: You specify an email address, and Passwarden sends a one-time password to it. This prevents hackers from penetrating your Passwarden account, and ensures that only you can access your sensitive data. You can also use the Authenticator app to generate a six-digit login passcode.

6. Strong Password Generation

To protect your accounts on various apps and sites, it’s important to create strong passwords that are tough to crack. But it can be hard to know which combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols are truly the strongest–and which are easy for hackers to figure out. Passwarden’s password generator takes the guesswork out of this process: It helps you create strong passwords that even the savviest hackers can’t decipher.

7. Ease of Use

Passwarden doesn’t just offer useful features; it’s also easy to use. The app has an intuitive user interface that anyone can understand, even if you’re not a tech genius. If you remember your Passwarden master password, the app does the rest–giving you seamless, secure access to all your accounts with just one click.


The best feature of Passwarden? It’s affordable: For the price of a coffee, you can get total security and peace of mind. Passwarden offers the following market-leading pricing plans:

  • Monthly subscription: Just $3.99,  per month.
  • Yearly subscription: $39.99. Save close to 20% when you sign up for a full year.
  • Lifetime subscription: $199.99 for unlimited years of use.

Get security for your passwords and secure online browsing: Buy Passwarden together with a subscription to VPN Unlimited by KeepSolid. The cost of the bundle is $10.99 per month, or $69.99 per year.

Passwarden gives you robust password management features, security, and ease of use. It delivers exactly what it promises: Amazing value at an affordable price.


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