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Do you love to read manga online like me?  So, here is a way to read the manga for free. Mangas are comics or cartoons (anime) created in Japan or created in the Japanese language. They originated in Japan, and the stories strongly resemble the Japanese culture in the 19th century.

Manga comics are created in various genres, ranging from comedy, horror, suspense, romance, science fiction etcetera, and once a comic becomes popular, it is usually spun off into an animated TV show, popularly called Anime. People always seek an option to read manga online as it’s more convenient and cheap. Check out how to get an LLC in Texas.

Getting Manga comics outside Japan is sometimes a burden on the wallet, with comics being a little expensive. This, however, has not deterred readers, with comics and cartoons being heavily consumed, more so today than ever before. My love for Manga began with Dragon Ball Z and stuck with me into my adulthood with Naruto, Death Note, and my latest obsession, One-Punch Man.

8 Free Sites To Read Manga Online In 2019

With Manga’s popularity growing, many websites have emerged providing readers with a portal to read manga comics for free. In this article, we list 8 of our favorite websites to read Manga online.


The first website on our list is mangakakalot. I have a hunch that Kakalot in their name is a play on Kakarot, or Goku from Dragon Ball Z, especially since the image next to their name on the website is that of Goku.

With a giant repository of Manga comics, MangaKakalot has an extremely user-friendly website equipped with a search bar and tabs that divide comics into the latest, hot, and completed sections. What is interesting is their news section, which is constantly updated with news and events related to Manga and Anime, like comic cons, cosplay festivals, etc.

You navigate to the site, search for the comic you need, and click on it, which takes you to the summary page for the comic, listing information like genre, author etcetera. Click on the chapter you’re looking for and a separate page with the entire chapter opens. Easy hassles free site to read manga online.


Next website on our list is to read manga is mangafreak, another website loaded with Manga comics. While the interface seems a little cluttered, all you really need is the search bar. The home page is equipped with thumbnails of latest releases and most popular comics.

You click on a specific thumbnail or search for a comic and you are lead to the comic’s homepage. Select the chapter and read manga. Enjoy the comic.

Warning: The page has a large number of advertisements and pop-ups, which to be fair, every website does. If you get over this little hump, you thoroughly can enjoy Manga comics on MangaFreak.


The next portal for reading Manga comic enthusiasts is One of the cleanest websites for comic books, ZingBox also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. Along with a huge library of original Manga comics, they also allow budding and established artists to publish their Manga comics on the website. ZingBox is a great platform to gain recognition and enter into themaxresdefault 8 world of Manga.

Navigating around this website is very simple. You can pick a comic from the suggested ones on the homepage or pick one of your choices, from the search tab. Select the chapter and enjoy the comic. There weren’t unnecessary pop-ups (at least when I used it) which is one of the reasons why I called it a clean website.


Next one on our list of best spots to read manga comics online is NEL, accessible at Their website categorizes their large range of available Manga comics by Hot, Latest and completed. The website is easy to use and the homepage is loaded with suggestions, which helps first timers or readers who are looking to start a new saga. A separate tab indicates what comics are most popular in terms of reader viewing which also aids in picking your next comic.

You can pick a manga comic from their suggestions and click on it. This will lead you to the comic’s homepage. You can select the chapter you want and enjoy the comic.

Another feature on this website is their ‘Read Light Novel’ sections. Apart from Manga comics, this website allows you to read Japanese novels.


The fifth portal on our site to read manga is Mangatan. A sister website of MangaKakalot, Manga Tan also has an equally large repository of Manga comics. You can pick from popular Manga comics that are on a slideshow on the homepage, or scroll down to view the latest Manga releases.

Reading comics is as easy as it was on MangaKakalot. Search for the comic you need in the toolbar, select the chapter and read manga online.


The next website for reading Manga comics online on our list is Easy Going Scans, accessible at These guys have been active since 2010 and have released over 6000 chapters on their website. Although their stock may not seem as large as the others, they do have some exclusive Manga comics that other sites have failed to translate and publish.

You can read the comics on their site online, or download them and read at your leisure. They are currently looking for translators to join them in translating Japanese Manga comics to English so all you Manga fans out there, time to turn your passion into your profession!


You can access our next pick to reading manga online at Although their website seems a little intimidating, it is actually a great spot for finding and reading Manga comics. You can pick comics by popular picks or by genre.

I found this to be one of a few sites that do not launch multiple new tabs as you peruse through the comic, which keeps your browser neat and makes following the story a breeze!


The final portal to readmanga in our list is gomymanga. Like most websites that made it to our critical list, MyManga has a large library of Manga comics to select from and the website is fairly simple to use.

An added feature on their website is the ‘My Manga List’ section that lets you save your favorite Manga comics so you can easily continue from where you left off.


These were our top picks for websites to read Manga online. Manga comics can get extremely addictive so if you’re a newbie, begin only if you don’t have an exam or a report due in the office the next day.

Here Is a List of Top Manga Comics We Recommend:

1. Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama, which has also been adapted as an anime.2. Naruto, written by Masashi

2. Naruto, written by Masashi Lishimoto, which has also been adapted as an anime.3. One Piece, written by

3. One Piece, written by Eiichrio Oda, which has also been adapted as an anime. 4. Bleach, written by Tite Kubo, which has also been adapted as an anime.

4. Bleach, written by Tite Kubo, which has also been adapted as an anime. 5. Death Note

5. Death Note was written by Tsugumi Ohba, which has also been adapted as an anime.


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