Remastered Liberty City Map To Return In GTA 6 Online

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Rockstar Games’ upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), has gained a lot of steam in 2023 so far. Thanks to the burst of discoveries, news, and leaks that have uplifted the game to another level and kept fans of the game on edge. 

Remastered Liberty City Map To Return In GTA 6 Online

Now, a well-known Grand Theft Auto leaker, Markothemexican, who cited an ex-Rockstar employee as their source for the information, said that Rockstar Games have plans to bring a remastered Liberty City for a brand new heist in GTA Online.

Liberty City For GTA Online

For the uninitiated, Liberty City was used as a setting in GTA 3 and GTA: Liberty City Stories before it returned as a redesigned version of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.

According to Markothemexican, the Liberty City heist will reportedly return players to the setting with an aim to rob gold reserves from locations scattered around the city.

Also, the upcoming update for GTA Online will be the final one for Xbox One and PS4. However, current-gen platforms like the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC will continue to receive updates surrounding the remastered Liberty City. 

If the information is accurate, it would be exciting for gamers to return to a redesigned Liberty City. However, since there is no official confirmation on this from Rockstar Games, it is advisable to take this info with a pinch of salt. 

Vice City For GTA 6 

Markothemexican also supported claims that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI will utilize Vice City as its setting, which was last seen in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002. 

Recently, the GTA 6’s map concept based on Vice City came to light, speculating its return to the game. It is rumored to be twice the size of the map featured in GTA 5

The total area of GTA 6’s map is expected to be around 147 KM (square), and GTA 5’s map is scaled at 76 KM (square), which is just 53% of this GTA 6’s concept map. You can find out more details about GTA 6’s leaked map concept in GTA 6’s Leaked Map Concept Showing It 2x of GTA 5’s Map.


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