Romoss Encase Battery Power bank Case For iPhone 6 Series Review

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You know how annoying it is to carry the Power bank charger and charging cable around with your smartphone, The Romoss encase made life much easier for the iphone users introducing a must have battery case with inbuilt power bank of 2000mAh and 28000mAh extra charge also with Anti-shock features and Magnetic dock support.

The Romoss Encase case supports only the iphone 6 series, The Iphone 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus. Feel the real quality case Power bank with sleek hands-on.

Design:  Design Elegant, Not very thick

The case also features a shockproof design, I must say I like the Anti-shock proof feature, The material of the casing is lateral TPU flexible shock with a hard plastic material.

The lateral thickness 0.14 cm . Thick casing and 1.37 cm . The size is fit to hold hands. Not too heavy, unwieldy to use easily. The side edges are considered slim.

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The Battery Backup: Charging another 85%

The case has a battery backup in 2000mAh for iPhone 6 / 6s and 2800mAh for iPhone 6plus / 6splus which will charge the iPhone, it charges for about 85%.

Another power boost of 85% will be enough for your iphone for the whole day. You can play games or Facebook games while running other apps very comfortable all day. No need to carry a charger or power bank battery backup, The romoss encase case alone is not enough.

Charging: The charging case for the iPhone 6 Series

Charging your iphone 6 with the romoss encase is not complicated, just Press and hold the back button. It will begin charging immediately Press and hold again To stop charging. How to charge the battery, You can plug it from the case, It will start charging the iPhone. Then recharge the battery backup it. So no need to remove the iPhone.

Romoss encase review
Romoss encase review

The iPhone Sync does not have the power 1A to 2.1A power lines that need charging iPad. There are also some cases may need to be plugged in and out 1-2 times. Due to a variety of factors So I do not want customers to expect the Sync is advisable to use iCloud, Sync via Wifi (optional on iTunes) or removing the case to connect the Sync better.

The Romoss Encase series for both the iphone 6/6S: 2000mAh And iPhone 6+/6S+: 2800mAh model is available for N7,000 but limited in stock, so kindly hurry and make the order while stock last. Nationwide delivery is provide, to make an order simply call Larious: 08039292587 or text your contact details and address.

If you have an iphone 6, trust me you need to get this awesome gadget. I patiently waiting for android model. Its so gonna be lit!!!


Romoss Encase Battery Powerbank Case For iPhone 6 Series With Inbuilt 28000mAh For N7,000

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