Safari 14 To Support Face ID and Touch ID Logins To Website

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Apple allows you to unlock your phone with Face ID or Touch ID. Now, with iOS 14, Safari will let you use Face ID or Touch ID to log in to websites. The version of Apple browser, Safari 14, which will be updated with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur.

Safari to support password-less logins via Face ID and Touch ID later this year

Safari 14 To Support Face ID and Touch ID Logins To Website
Safari 14 To Support Face ID and Touch ID Logins To Website

The Safari 14 Beta Release notes confirmed this new function. For the developers, Apple has detailed how the feature will work in WWDC video. The functionality of supporting Face ID and Touch ID is built on the WebAuthn component of FIDO2 standard, which is developed by FIDO Alliance. This function will make it easy to log in to websites just like logging in to an app with Touch ID or Face ID.

WebAuthn wants to make web logins easier and secure. As passwords can be easily guessed, and then the users get phishing attacks. WebAuthn will use security methods like hardware security keys to verify your identity.

Earlier also Apple has supported FIDO2 standard. Last year, iOS 13.3 added support for Physical FIDO2 security keys with Safari. And this month, Google has started using it with accounts on iOS. These security keys protect your account from the attacker. The attacker will need physical access to get your account.

In 2019, macOS got support for security keys in Safari. So, Safari 14 should get a lot more security. The Safari 14 functionality is somewhat similar to Android. Last year, Google’s mobile OS got FIDO2 certification, and then the company logged into a few of the services in Chrome on Android, which didn’t need a password.

All Apple’s devices are using Touch ID and Face ID to the online login process. However, it depends on using biometric security to autofill the stored passwords to websites.


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