Sony Confirmed PlayStation 5 Launch Comes 2021

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Sony Confirmed PlayStation 5 Launch Comes 2021 – Some technology analysts say that the gaming console and PC are no longer relevant in the gaming market. As smartphones with casual games and cloud gaming services are pushing users away from playing in the “traditional media.”

However, the well-known Japanese multinational company, of course, Sony does not seem to agree with this supposed evolution in the concept.

As the CEO of the company, Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida says this clearly, hence, the head of the Japanese brand made it clear that there will be a new PlayStation, although he has not confirmed whether the name of the new console will be known as PlayStation 5.

John Kodera, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has mentioned for months in The Wall Street Journal that the company is already working on new developments in this area.

In fact, John Kodera, of course, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment mentioned to analysts and investors that in March 2021 the PlayStation would “squat once” to grow more in the future.

These statements now join those of Shuhei Yoshida, who emphasized that hardware is still important. In fact, he stated that “At this point, what I can say is that it is necessary to have the next-generation hardware.”

Moreover, the well-known Japanese multinational conglomerate, of course, Sony may be a bit conditioned, as the tech giant Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on the new generations of its Xbox One console, but this confirmation is important.

SIE head Kodera told analysts and investors that the period until March 2021 would be when PlayStation to “crouch down once” to grow further in the future.


Many doubt that in the near future the well-known Japanese multinational company, of course, Sony will launch “PlayStation 5” to compete with mobile phones and cloud gaming services, but in the past, we saw how the PS4 launch also faced similar reflexes and the console turned out to be a huge success.

The same could be said in the case of Nintendo Switch, although both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X do not seem to have generated the interest that their creators probably expected. And yet, the hardware is still very important and the well-known Japanese multinational company, of course, Sony seems to have that very clear. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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