Sony Rumored to Developing ‘Q Lite’ PlayStation Handheld

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Sony is rumored to be working on a new gaming handheld console whose codename is now revealed by a reliable source.

The same source has also unveiled some more details about this upcoming PlayStation handheld such as its stream quality capabilities and the launch timeline, so let’s discuss them below.

‘Q Lite’ PlayStation Handheld: All Details

According to the report from Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming, the gaming console giant is developing a PlayStation Handheld, but it won’t be like PlayStation Vita, which was launched by Sony in 2011.

Because rather than making it a portable console, the company is making it work with the Remote Play feature so that it will stream games from a console such as PS5.

But it will definitely not be a cloud streaming device like Logitech’s Cloud Gaming Handheld, and for that reason, their targeted consumers would be PS5 owners.

This PlayStation Handheld is still in its QA testing phase, and as the report’s source says, it is codenamed as ‘Q Lite‘ handheld.

The ‘Q Lite’ handheld will be equipped with adaptive triggers, speakers, volume buttons, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The device can stream up to 1080p and 60FPS as it will have an 8-inch LCD touchscreen. The report also confirmed that you wouldn’t be able to play games on it without an internet connection.

However, it seems interesting that the company now wants to enter the portable gaming hardware with their PlayStation Handheld after a long time, and this decision may be inspired by some other brands such as Logitech and Asus.

Because last year Logitech released its Cloud Gaming Handheld, and recently Asus also revealed its first gaming handheld with the same capabilities as Logitech’s.

The report also expressed its release timeline, and according to it, the launch could take place in late 2024 after the launch of the rumored PS5 Pro.


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