The new features of Apple iOS 13.5

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Apple iOS 13.5 is now a reality. This latest operating system comes with features that are relevant in the present times. This is where Apple scores ahead of its competitors. Innovation and customer orientation are what drives their solutions.

You will notice that all Apple features try to eliminate issues that you face daily, simple problems, but would be beneficial if solved. Undoubtedly, people across the world favour Apple for their excellent customer orientation and innovative thinking. Today we will share with you the new features of iOS 13.5 so that you know what to expect from the Apple operating system

Exposure Notification

Exposure notification is an interface developed by Apple in collaboration with Google to facilitate digital contact tracing. This API would go a long way in detecting illness and medical conditions. Whenever you contact someone, the API would shoot out a beacon by using your phone’s Bluetooth to get the updated list of people with a certain medical condition.

Impressive Face ID feature

What used to happen if you wore a facemask and tried to unlock your phone? Failed twice, and then the passcode option came up. That sounds inconvenient! Apple has solved it for you. With the new iOS 13.5, the Face ID features become even better. It now incorporates lifestyle features that detect if a user is wearing a facemask. In such an event, the new Face ID would directly bring out the passcode option.

The same process would be followed for Apply Pay or any transaction that needs authentication. The moment it detects you are wearing a facemask; it automatically pops up the passcode option. This improvement would be beneficial for those who use masks as part of their daily activities, like medical workers and caregivers.

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FaceTime comes with a tweak

There is a little tweak to the FaceTime call application. What was that one thing that always annoyed you during FaceTime calls? Whenever you spoke, your tile used to get bigger and become more prominent. It happened automatically each time you spoke. Annoying, isn’t it? Now with iOS 13.5, Apple has disabled that feature. FaceTime would not automatically enlarge the tile of the person speaking. But you still can toggle the options in the settings.

Security and Bug fixes

Coming to the tiny bits of changes, Apple iOS 13.5 has introduced two security updates to fix the Mail app use. Previously, hackers could hack into an iOS device by sending mails that consumed a large amount of memory. Now its fixed and your device is no longer vulnerable. Also, it had fixed the issue of the screen going black when you tried to stream in a share sheet that did not allow actions to load.


The iOS 13.5 comes up with minor, yet very effective upgrades on iOS 13. The way Apple uses technology to address the usability of its devices is amazing. It has always fascinated us with its features, and we know for certain that in the future, iOS devices will surely make lives easier and simpler than before.


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