Things To Note Before Replacing Your Smartphone Broken Screen

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Last Updated on September 6, 2016 by Larious

I often wonder how these phone technicians fix and replaced broken phone screens and am always curious how they get to do it, since they do not show us how they do it, i decided to make my own research online to figure the process of removing the screen touch glass and get it replace.

Repairing a broken screen glass can be very expensive project to do. Finding a dealer that will change the glass is not a problem, but the price they charge is just really too much for the work and the spare parts.

When our smartphones falls down and get cracked or broken, we often do not know if it’s actually the full screen that needs changes or just the screen glass touch pad. There are few things to take note of, even after your device had fallen down and got cracked or broken, Below are questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Firstly, Can you still type on the screen?
  • Do you still press the screen buttons and they work perfectly?

This shows its only the front screen glass that was broken but not the main device screen which is inner and protected by the front glass.

You only need to buy the front touch pad screen of the device and not actually buying the whole complete screen of the device.

NOTE: Do not allow any phone technician to dope or scam you by insisting you must buy the complete screen for the device. But some smartphones requires you buying the complete screen. It often depends how good the phone technician is.

  • You figured out the screen totally blanked? you can’t even type or use the device for anything and you see black ink fluids on the screen?

This means you need to completely change the whole screen of your device, this means buying a complete screen for the device.

These points above are very vital in determining what exactly is needed to be fixed or you would pay an expensive fee for just a mere front screen touch pad while you think you paid for a complete screen.

Be informed so you can be the boss of your smartphones, you ought to be smart to use a smart phone, Because nobody is your friend, everyone is looking for money and who to scam and collect his or money.


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