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Behold. The Samsung Galaxy S8 a month before you’re supposed to see it. This image comes from professional leaker, Evan Blass, who is responsible for a good chunk of the mobile phone leaks.

The image here shows a redesigned Galaxy phone. It lacks physical buttons and still has the wrap-around screen of the Galaxy S7 edge. The bezel is smaller than past models, taking up just a tiny bit of the top and bottom of the device.

The leak does not reveal any information about the software or the phone’s casing. But no worries, the phone’s unveiling is still a month away. There’s plenty of time for that information to leak, too.

Samsung is in a tough spot and this leak’s timing is interesting. Today is the last day of Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile phone trade show in the world. This is the conference that Samsung used to announce the last three Galaxy phones. But this year, Samsung released just two tablets and announced it was holding an event in NYC in late March for the S8.

MWC 2017 was still a quality show, but was missing a bit of excitement usually caused by Samsung.

With this leak, Samsung jumps back to the top of news cycle, quieting others like Nokia, BlackBerry and LG who had made a splash with their own handsets.


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