This Video is Not Available in Your Country Fix (5 Solutions)

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Today I’m sharing the most common YouTube problem named “this video is not available in your country” error fix. Whenever the term online video comes in my mind, the first site strikes in my brain are YouTube. It is the largest video portal from the search king Google Inc. Though there are many sites similar to that of the YouTube are around the web are still in the game, but YouTube stands first with its billions visitors and trillions views per day from the far wide of the globe. YouTube is the major source of online videos, though it is blocked by some of the countries ISPs will block YouTube by the Government orders.  If you access the YouTube videos from the blocked countries IP you’ll automatically get the uploader has not made this video available in your country fix. So here we have the two ways by which you can easy solutions to bypass YouTube Regional Error.

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This video is not available in your Country

This Video is Not Available in Your Country Fix for Chrome and Android Phone | YouTube Solution

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This is the Common error when you are addicted to YouTube and you’ll come across this video is not available in your country error frequently. This happens when the uploaded video owner restricts the video for particular or geographical location you’ll encounter this video is not available in your country Chrome Solution. You can also Checkout our recent post on how to Install Mac OS on PC  without using any Mac products.

#1. Fix YouTube Video Blocked In My Country Error by Hola Extension

So guys, We are back with new method to watch restricted videos on youtube by popular extension which is known as Hola Extension. We have tried our best to show you how to fix this video is not available in your country error by creating tutorial here. So, follow below steps carefully.

Basically, Hola is an extension which changes your IP location for free, so that you watch location restricted youtube videos for free.

  1. Make sure, you have downloaded Hola Extension and activated it properly. Download Hola Extension for Chrome | Firefox.
  2. Now, get ready to face that error of this video is not available in your country last time.
  3. Open, the URL of youtube video which you are unable to access.
  4. Now, Click on Hola Extension icon which is located above Bookmarks bar. (See below snapshot for more details).change country location hola
  5. Once, you have clicked on Hola Extension icon, you will see some different country flags there.(See above screenshot for more details).
  6. Select, United States from there, and Reload the page.

Now, you can watch country restricted videos with ease for free.

#2: Unblock YouTube Restricted Video by ProxMate and proxies

YouTube determines the user country by the help of your IP’s. Proxies are the great ways by which you can hide your real IP or identity on the internet. You can use the proxies servers from HideMyAss or you can use can best chrome extension named Proxmate. Proxmate is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox you can install this extension and start watching the restricted YouTube Videos.

You can also use the YouTube proxy sites to unblock blocked YouTube videos that are not available in your country. Point your browser with below proxy sites and enter your desired YouTube URL, you’ll able to play those YouTube videos.

|  Unblock YouTube  |  Proxfree  | 

#3: Download the Blocked Video – Bypass YouTube Restriction

This is the final method by which you can solve this video is not available in your country android fix. Downloading the YouTube videos that blocked in your country will great solution by which you can hit two birds by a single stone. As you know the watching the video sucks the same data as you download that video. I say better you download to watch later when you’re in offline.

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To download YouTube Video’s 

  1. If the blocked video URL be,
  2. Just remove http://wwwand enter ss before
  3. It looks something like this
  4. Click on the download button according to your choice based on the video quality.

Update: You can use another YouTube video downloader to unblock blocked YouTube videos in your country. There is a video downloader known as Dirpy. You can use this web-based tool to download those blocked videos.

You can also download YouTube videos with some of the online YouTube converters like Clipconverters, KeepVid and video grabby to download YouTube videos.

#4. Use VPN to unblock videos instantly

VPN also known as Virtual Private Network is one of best way to fix this error. You can use any free VPN FinchVPN which supports upto 3GB usage per month. Just, change location of VPN from settings according to video location. As, I have already told about this video is not available in your country error, that this error arrives when any video is restricted by uploader to a particular country. So, simply switch your location using VPN and you can watch your favourite youtube video again without any hassle.

There are some different VPNs available for different platforms. If you are experiencing this issue in

  • Mobile Phone: If you you are an android phone user, then there are different kind of VPN apps which is available for free download from Play Store. We are listing some of best apps below:
  1. DroidVPN: You must consider to install this VPN in your android mobile to unblock blocked Youtube videos. DroidVPN provides 100 MB of free data usage which will help you in fixing YouTube error of this video is not available in your country. Download DroidVPN.
  2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN: It is best alternative to DroidVPN, if you are interested in a VPN to fix this Youtube video blocked in your country error. You can try this VPN for free. Moreover, there is no data usage limit of Hotspot Shield VPN, so that you can watch unlimited videos without any issue. Download Hotspot Shield VPN.

  • Computer/ PC/ Laptop: If you are facing this youtube error in your computer, PC or laptop, then you can try any free VPN to unblock videos on Youtube. Below, We are listing some VPNs which are free to use by which you can fix this youtube error.
  1. PD Proxy: PD Proxy is one of best VPN which is available for Windows. Using this VPN you can use 100MB free daily with their trial account. After, signing up for their trial account, just select any of Demo Server and Click on Connect. Hopefully, it will fix this YouTube country restriction issue of few videos. Link to PD Proxy
  2. FinchVPN: If you have reached PD Proxy 100MB threshold limit, and you want to watch more videos which is blocked in your country, then you can try FinchVPN. Best part of this VPN is that it provides 3GB of free usage per account. So, if you have used their free 3GB quota, then signup for a new account. Link to Finch VPN

#5. How to Watch Restricted Video in YouTube

This method works great if YouTube videos blocked in your country, give a try

  1. Suppose If the blocked YouTube URL is
  2. Then just replace  /watch?v=  with  /v/
  3. After modifies the YouTube URL, It should look something like this
  4. Point your browser to the above URL, Wow you have played video in the full-screen mode even it is blocked in your country.

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You have successfully Fixed this video is not available in your country error. Then let’s check another great way to the solution to watch the restricted videos on YouTube.

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Wrapping it up,

So friends here we provided the some of the best solutions on to solve the issue – Youtube video not available in your country. Every method are working and tested so use any one methods to unblock blocked videos. Hope you enjoyed this article. I recommend you to bookmark this page, We’ll update about “this video is not available in your country on Youtube solution” on a regular basis.


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