Tips To Know Before You Dive Into eCommerce Website Design

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If you are planning to start an eCommerce business, then one of the first things you need to do is create an eCommerce website. The eCommerce website design is very important and can have a huge impact on your business.

A well-designed website will attract more customers. Once they visit your site, if they like what they see, they can decide to buy from it. Thus, website design is crucial. Before you decide how to design your website, you can go through the tips provided in this article. They will help you understand how a good eCommerce website should be.

A well designed eCommerce website can attract users

A well-designed eCommerce website can attract users.

Given below are some eCommerce website design tips that you can follow:

Simple Design

The design should be simple and must not contain too many elements. The colors should be bright, yet not gaudy. A consistent pattern of design should be followed throughout the website for uniformity. The navigation must be smooth, and using the website should be easy to use for all types of customers.

Have A Budget

Decide on a budget in advance. Do not skimp on money as design plays a major role in attracting customers. Once you have a budget, look for a designer who can deliver within these means.

Check The Designer Portfolio

If you are hiring a designer to create your website, then make sure you check the designer’s portfolio. Examine the websites created by the designer to understand his or her abilities. Find out if they are experienced in the type of website you plan to offer.

Also, you can check out reviews of the eCommerce website design services online, and talk to existing customers before hiring a designer. The website designer should be someone who understands your needs properly and delivers what you want.

Product Pictures

Product images are very important as they help the customer understand what the product looks like. Use real images of products in high resolution, and show the products from different angles. The customer should get a clear idea of what the item is by seeing its pictures.

Offer Suggestions

When customers are looking at some products, your eCommerce website can offer suggestions by showing related products. It will make the job of browsing your website easy for customers.

Search Box Always Visible

The search box should always be visible on the screen. The customer should be able to search for products anytime and should not have to look around to find the search box.

Use Ready Themes

You can consider using ready themes that ensure a great design that is consistent and attractive. A website like Shopify has hundreds of themes that can be used for the design.

Use themes to create an attractive design easily

Use themes to create an attractive design easily

Focus On Content

Displaying products is not enough to ensure the success of an eCommerce site. There must be content that provides information. Creating a story around a product can appeal to customers and make them connect with your website.

Anticipate Customer Needs

When customers buy clothes, it is natural that they look for different sizes. Don’t make the customer search for sizes, colors, and other options. They can be displayed along with the product by the side. Doing so makes your website more customer-friendly.

Have An Updated Website

Your website must be updated with the latest stock. Ensure that products that are not in stock or removed from your warehouse are not shown. When a customer likes a product and finds out it is not available, it can be a frustrating experience. Always, prevent this from happening.

Avoid Overload

Too much information can be overwhelming. Selecting the right amount of data is important. All basic information should be presented like product specifications, price, multiple images, etc.

Allow Filters

Allow filters to help customers search for products based on price range, brand, availability, review, rating, etc. It would make your website much easier for customers to use.

Allow Easy Checkout

The checkout process must be simple and quick. Once the customer clicks on the checkout, allow the order to be processed quickly, without involving too many intermediate processes. A single click checkout makes online ordering easy for customers.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be used so that the website uses the right keywords and design elements to get it ranked highly by Google and other search engines. Such an SEO-friendly design can help you attract more customers to your website.

Using SEO in design can help bring more traffic to your eCommerce website

Using SEO in design can help bring more traffic to your eCommerce website

Great UX

Your website should ensure a great user experience. It ensures the customer likes your website and will come back again to buy more products. 


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