Top 22 Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users (New Apps)

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Smartphones got bigger and better, and we can’t stay without our mobile phone anymore, Right? As an outcome, the smartphone world had been split into two halves, one as Android users, and another one as iOS users. Both are well known and intimate OS’s; it doesn’t matter which user you are, it is better to pull its utmost potential to make it worth the purchase. The smartphone is gone beyond its actual usage, and now we aren’t only employing our mobile phone for calls, texting or internet surfing. We pushed our smartphone further into the entertainment sector, where it played a significant movie apps for android

When I say entertainment, Movies are the predominant source to terminate your spare time. The smartphone may help you to make the way clear to watch movies. No matter how power user you are, if you aren’t making the Android apps usage you are missing more. As a rule of thumb, you need some set of applications to help you in the way. When it comes to the films, you need best movies apps for Android to keep you up in leisure.

We’ve listed some of the hand-picked yet good android movies apps to make you more entertained through your smartphone. Well guys, watching movies is one of best way to pass time but watching movies on Television is really big pain as there is a lot of advertisements. So, we are listing best free movie apps for android which you can try out.

22 Best Free Movies Apps For Android 2017

Before we move on, you need to make sure that you’ve active data connection or connected to the public WiFi. So that you won’t get interrupted while watching movies.

Let’s Dive In!.

1. ShowBox

showboxShowBox is one of best movie app for android and very popular among smartphone users too. You can easily watch movies, TV serials, reality shows, and much right away on your smartphone, TV, and computer as well. ShowBox is a user-friendly Android app, and through which you can navigate quickly. With this app, let you watch movies, stream videos from third party websites without any hassles. HD stuff is supported, if you device is of high end, you can stream full HD (1080P) videos also.

Although it is the small android, still you can download the movies or videos as well without paying any dime. No matter how much movie geek you are, all you need is an app like ShowBox app to watch free movies on mobile. Though, there is no official site of Showbox but you can download it from third party unofficial blogs of Showbox apk.

Download Showbox Original Apk

2. CinemaBox

cinemaboxCinemaBox is one of the best movie streaming app for Android & iOS. Earlier, this app was named as PlayBox HD. It is undoubtedly one of the best movie app with some exceptional features like offline mode, subtitle support, kid’s mode and Chrome Cast support.

Though, this app is not available in Play Store/iOS Store but we have recently published a detailed step by step tutorial to download and install it in your phone.

Download CinemaBox App For Android/iOS

3. MegaBox HD

megaboxMegaBox HD is a new free movies android app which is quite similar to ShowBox. Though, this app is available for Android users only. It’s very small in size (1.8MB) and will not take much resources of your android phone. MegaBox HD allows its users to stream free movies on their android phone in two different quality – 360p and 720p.

If you are looking for ShowBox alternative or apps like ShowBox from a long time, then should give a try to MegaBox HD.

Download MegaBox HD

4. Bobby Movie Box

bobby movie boxThere are few movie apps for iOS users. Bobby Movie Box is undoubtedly one of the best app to watch free movies on your iPhone with fluent and modern UI. Bobby Movie Box allows you to watch movies in HD quality as well. Best part of this app is that it gets updated quite frequently. You can download it from App Store or you can download it directly from official website of Bobby Movie Box.

Download Bobby Movie Box:

Bobby Movie Box For iOS

5. Newest Movie HD

Newest Movie HD is one of the best android app to watch movies without any subscription. Using this app, you can download free movies in your android phone as well. Though, this app is quite basic but it allows you to stream and download movies in different qualities. You can also check IMDP rating of any movie before watching it.

Download Newest Movie HD APK

6. Flipps HD

flipps hdFlipps HD is more than just an android movie app, and you can watch insane movies on your smartphone. You can watch any viral videos, listen to music and stream movies not only on your Android phone but also on your TV as well. You can stream the live streaming sites simultaneously in your smartphone and TV in no time. I’d be a pretty positive response with Flipps TV app, and overall I can recommend this app without any delay. That’s why we have listed it on #1 in list of best movie apps for android which I personally use to watch free movies online on mobile.

With this amazing android app, you may allowed not only to watch the movies but also you can download them as well. Moreover for free, this is the one of the best movie app for android phone available.

Download Flipps HD:

For Android

For iOS

7. ViewSter

viewsterBeing the best movie streaming site, they aren’t left behind on the mobile platform. With ViewSter app, you can easily watch movies online, stream tv serials, and much more. The navigation is simple, and you won’t need to sign up nor to create any account to stream movies. Best part it is compatible with Chromcast, through which you can enjoy streaming videos with highest quality on your TV.

Sometimes the app itself freezes, which make the running film to stop flowing. Other than this I’d not found any error or bugs in this app. Friends, go ahead and give some light on it!

Download Viewster:

For Android

For iOS

8. Crackle

crackleCrackle is another excellent app that help you to watch movies online without any complicated procedure. With it’s easy to navigate user interface, you can easily browse the best movies, TV Serials, Shows and much more in no time. Like other apps, even Crackle supports TV streaming to watch movies on the bigger screens.

Although it is the free Android app, you’ll be no longer able to download the movies that you can watch online. But when it comes to free, it is the best in the class. I’d tried this app till now I’ve not faced any single issue with this app. Undoubtedly, it is one of best movie app for android 2017 which you can install right away in your android phone.

For Android

For iOS

9. Terrarium TV

terrarium tvTerrarium TV is not exactly a movie streaming app but with the help of this app, you can easily watch movies for free on your Android phone. This app has some special search algorithms which will search for your favourite movie based on your search queries from third party sites. Some of the good features of Terrarium TV are that they provide multi-language subtitles, fast servers etc. You can also save any video offline if you want to watch it again.

Download Terrarium TV

BONUS: Exclusive Android Movie App:: 10. YouTube 

youtubeYouTube remains unaltered in the video industry for years, and it thoroughly deserves it. When it comes to movies on the Android phone, still YouTube can help you in the way. Almost all kind of videos is present in its database, even movies as well. But you I can’t guarantee you that every movie is available, but I’m sure some are out there. With YouTube app, you can easily watch movies or videos on your Android phone without being fizzled with other movies applications. Well, YouTube is not only movie app for android but it is one of best video app for android which is pre-installed in most of the android smartphones.

Download YouTube

Top 10 Movie Apps Available For
Cinemabox Android, iOS
Megabox HD Android
Bobby Movie Box iOS
Newest Movie HD Android
Flipps HD Android, iOS
Showbox Android
Viewster Android, iOS
Terrarium TV Android
Tubi TV Android

11. TubiTV

tubi tvTubiTV is another best movie app for android which has an average rating of 4.1. Moreover, this free movie app for android is downloaded by more than 1 million users just from play store. Though, you need an android phone which is having Android ICS (Android 4.0.4) or later to run this movie app in your phone. Best thing of this movie app is that it has more than 40,000 titles from which you can watch your favorite movie and that too for free.

Moreover, they are having variety of categories like Action, Comedy, Drama, Kung Fu etc. TubiTV features all kind of movies like Hollywood movies and TV shows too.

Download TubiTV

12. Free Movies

free moviesFree Movies is one of free movie apps for android which has more than 10 million downloads from Google Play Store. Moreover, this app is especially for android users who are still using old version android phones like Android GingerBread, Ice cream sandwich etc. I am damn sure that if you are having old android phone you must be facing low internal storage problem too. Right? This movie is best for you in this case too as size of this movie app is just 997KB.

Unlike other movie apps for android, there is no need to install any flash player in your android phone to play free movies online as Free Movies app uses HTML 5 technology for free movie streaming.

Download Free Movies

13. Big Star Movies

big star moviesHere comes another free movie app for android with more than 1 million downloads. It is one of free android movie app which provides free movie streaming in tons of movie categories like documentary films, foreign films. Though, each and every movie listed in this app is not free but still there are hundreds of titles which you can watch for free without adding any credit card information.

Though, this app is free to use but if you want to access full catalog of this app, then you have to signup to their premium plan which costs 4.99$ per month.

Download Big Star Movies

14. Yidio

yidioIt is one of the best movie apps for android but the reason we listed this app on 11th position is that it is available for few devices currently. Watching free movies on your android phone with the help of Yidio is very easy due to its good navigation menu. There are many free movies and TV shows in this android app but for some movies and TV shows, you have to buy or rent those movies.

With the help of its good filters and advanced search box, you can find your favorite movie according to Genre and producer. Yidio has its request movie option too using which you can request any movie. You will be notified once that movie will be available on Yidio app.

Download Yidio App:

For Android

For iOS

15. Popcornflix

popcorn flixPopcornflix is a new android to watch free movies which has more than 700 movies in their database currently. Moreover, they are updating their movies database quite frequently so that you can enjoy latest movies for free on your android phone. The thing which we liked most of this android app is that there is no hidden fees to watch movies and you can all stream all movies for free.

You can watch as much movies you want without any kind of restriction on this android app. Movies of almost every genre is available in this android app, so that you can enjoy your favorite movies without any kind of problem.

Download Popcornflix

16. Movie HD App

movie hdMovie HD App is one of the best movie apps for Android which is brought to us by the team of HD Cinema & Sky HD. This app has huge database of movies of almost every genre. Along with movies, you can also find many TV shows in this app. Moreover, there are some exceptional features present in the Movie HD app too like Chromecast with the help of which you can easily stream movies on your television without any need of HDMI or any other port. I recommend all of my readers to try this movie streaming app for android.

Note that Movie HD app is available for Android users only. You can download Apk file of this app from the download link below.

Download Movie HD Apk

17. Kodi

kodiKodi is not exactly a movie streaming app for Android as it is managed by a non-profit organisation. Using this app, one can easily connect their PC/Computers, Tablets & Mobile Phones to the bigger screens. So you can use this app to stream movies on larger screen on your Television. Note that you need to download movies from movie download sites to stream it on bigger screen.

Download Kodi

18. Mobdro

mobdroMobdro is a new movie app for Android which allows us to watch latest Hollywood/Bollywood movies, TV Series, Animes & Sports events for free without any registration. In other words, it is an ultimate video streaming app for Android using which you can stream almost every kind of media on your Android phone. The only disadvantage with this Android app is that it does not allow us to watch every streaming media in HD quality but this app is still worth trying.

Download Mobdro Apk

19. Dailymotion

dailymotionDailymotion is one of the most popular video streaming sites but due to fewer restrictions of piracy, you can find almost every movie app on this streaming website. So you can download official Dailymotion android app from the Play Store to stream free movies for free on your Android phone. You can easily switch between different streaming qualities too and you can find almost every movie in 720p quality.

You can use this app on both Android & iOS based devices.

Download Dailymotion

20. SnagFilms

snagfilmsSnagFilms is one of the best movie streaming sites which has huge list of movies from different genres, documentaries, TV Shows etc. Recently, they have launched their Android & iOS app as well from which you can easily watch free movies online on your android phone. Though, you need to create a free account on the official website first, before you can start watching movies.

Download SnagFilms

21. Netflix

netflixHeard about Netflix before? Right? Well it is the best streaming site on which you can watch latest movies, TV series, Animes with best possible experience as there are no crappy advertisements or any buffering issues. Netflix charges a nominal fee of few dollars but you can avail their 30-days free trial using virtual credit card.

Download Netflix

22. Hubi

hubiHubi is one of best android movie app by which let you stream online movies, tv channels and much more. Further, you can download any videos around the web, and you won’t be charged for downloading. Even the downloading is considerably faster since it collects the downloads and provide you their server links. Overall, Hubi is another app that resonate with your movie needs, that what I recommend.

Recently, Hubi got many hosters of their movies, so you can expect multiple streaming links of each movie which you want to watch. Currently, they have 39 hosters. Though, there are some ads in free version but you can remove them anytime after paying a small fee.

Not Available

Wrapping It Up,

Smartphone are the boon to our technology kind, and we can’t sustain without being mobile. In this individual situation, we need best apps to make our more accessible in our routines. Among the various smartphone use, entertainment is something everyone would crave for. So to get you out of it, I’d mentioned some of the best movies apps for android mobile so that let you won’t face any problem in your entertainment sector.

It was all about best movie apps for android 2017. All of android movie apps listed above are completely free to use and you can watch free movies online on your android phone without paying single cent. What do you think which is best movie app for android in above list of best android movie apps.? We would like to listen about it in comments below.

Be generous, if this article helped you one or other way, feel free to share with your friends and relatives, so that let them know!


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